Superman: Year One's Frank Miller Reveals Who He Wants to Write Next

With Superman: Year One drawing to a close, comic book legend Frank Miller already has some ideas regarding the next DC Comics hero he would like to tackle.

In an exclusive interview with CBR , Miller was asked if there were any other DC characters he wanted to write for in the future. "There's a bunch!" he replied. "They have such an amazing pantheon and so many of them surface in Dark Knight. One character I loved using in Strikes Again was the Question. There's so many and some are so goofy like the unforgivable 60s ones like Brother Power the Geek. I think everyone wants their crack at Wonder Woman because she's one of those great characters who has been done right so rarely. She's been drawn right but rarely been written right."

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After speaking on the possibility of tackling a character as monumental as the Amazon Princess, Miller was asked Miller why he has not written for her yet, at which point he went into specifics regarding his obsession with DC.

"Yeah, only in Dark Knight. When it comes to DC Comics, there's so many and they cover such a broad range of time," Miller said. "In particular, their sunburst was in the 1940s, which is a period of history I'm obsessed with. Everything that happened during World War II changed the course of the world in every way just as important as the Persian Wars were whereas the 60s, by comparison, was like an adolescent tantrum.

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"But that was my youth!" he continued. "A lot of good things came from that time. My two favorite singers in the whole world are Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan and they're both total 60s cats." Given Miller's history with and love for DC, it seems as though Wonder Woman could be the next logical step after Batman and Superman.

Superman: Year One #3 by Frank Miller and John Romita Jr. goes on sale Oct. 16 from DC Comics.

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