Superman's trunks make a return in J. Bone cartoons

I don't know whether it was cartoonist J. Bone's intent, but I like the suggestion that his "sun-friendly" Superman costume is a send-up of the not-exactly-convincing justification for Starfire's skimpy costume -- namely, that she draws her power from the sun and, therefore, needs to expose as much skin as Earth laws will allow. Heck, these new threads could even work as a response to those who miss those signature red trunks in the New 52 design.

Whatever the case, there's a lot to like about his first cartoon, with the trunks -- which come as bit of a revelation to the Man of Steel -- meeting with Wonder Woman's approval and Batman's uncomfortable disdain. The look of sheer joy on Superman's face in the second illustration is terrific, too.

And then there's J. Bone's latest entry, "the drawing no one was waiting for": the Bizarro version, which ... well. We'll wait for Batman to weigh in.


I've seen a few suggestions lately that Superman needs a more sun-friendly costume! #Superman pic.twitter.com/D9H9qRfZkq

— J.Bone (@gobukan) September 15, 2014


Thanks again for all the Superman retweets, folks! It reached 513 at my last check-in! #gratitude pic.twitter.com/BIz4cjxYIT

— J.Bone (@gobukan) September 18, 2014


Now for the drawing no one was waiting for -- Bizarro version. No flip-flops. pic.twitter.com/UwOXb0YPmF

— J.Bone (@gobukan) September 21, 2014


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