Gotham City Just Got Its Own... Superman Signal?

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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Superman's, Pal, Jimmy Olsen #4 by Matt Fraction, Steve Lieber, Nathan Fairbairn and Clayton Cowles, in stores now.

In Matt Fraction and Steve Lieber's Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen series, the Daily Planet's intrepid videographer is investigating his own murder. Yes, thankfully for him, he came into a double of his body just in time for someone to make an attempt on his life. As a result, Jimmy is believed dead, and he has taken on the very mysterious identity of Timmy Olsen to figure out who is responsible. His quest led him to bid farewell to Metropolis' blue skies and take temporary residence in Gotham City. There, Jimmy has narrowed his list of suspects, and all signs point to Lex Luthor being the culprit.

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Now, Jimmy has declared war on Luthor, and he has set a plan into motion. We don't yet know everything that Jimmy is planning, but as Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #4 comes to an end, we do know it involves setting up a Superman signal... in Gotham City!

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In Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #4, the titular character brings Lois Lane up to speed on everything that's been happening to him ever since the start of the series. He weaves a long thread that stretches all the way back to the foundation of Metropolis, which involves his family and Lex Luthor's. Now, Jimmy's uncovered Luthor's plan, but paranoia has settled in. On top of being frightened for his life, his time in Gotham City is getting to him, and Jimmy is becoming more and more unhinged. His videos have taken a darker turn, and he's becoming reckless. As a result, his war on Lex Luthor has led him to escalate things -- and the way he plans to do that is by involving both Batman and Superman.

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In fact, Jimmy ends up involving the Dark Knight by stealing the bat-signal and setting it up on the rooftop of his building. Worse still, he's changed the bat-symbol on the signal to Superman's logo, which means that the crest of the House of El is now what is shining in the Gotham City night sky.

Now, for the time being, we don't know what Jimmy plans to do with this signal. Clearly, it will get the attention of Batman, who will no doubt come knocking wondering why Superman's symbol is shining over his city. But it's also bound to be noticed by the Man of Steel, as well as his enemy Lex Luthor. Jimmy's mad plan to take down his would-be assassin has just roped in two of the world's greatest superheroes in one fell swoop. But his endgame, for the time being, remains a mystery.

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