Superman's "Grounded" Adds Side Trip

Even for Superman, walking across America takes time.

DC Comics announced this morning that "Grounded" - the arc focusing on the Man Of Steel's journey through many real American cities by J. Michael Straczynski and Eddy Barrows - will now see an "interlude" issue hit in "Superman" #704 (originally scheduled for October), the publisher's The Source blog said. The new issue #704 will be written by G. Willow Wilson (who teased as much last week on Twitter) and drawn by Leandro Oliveira and will focus on Lois Lane preparing for her husband's arrival in the town where she went to college.

The fill-in issue comes after publicized delays in the production of issue #703 of the series - now set to ship in October rather than September. After a Cincinnati-area retailer took to the web to express frustration with the series delays around the issue focused on his area, Straczynski appeared in the comment-thread of a post on CBR's own Robot 6 blog to explain his part of the situation: "For the last two-three years I've been fighting a recurring lung situation that would knock me out of the box every few months," said the writer, noting the havoc the condition wreaked on his convention schedule. "In order to finally stop the recurring problem before it turned into chronic bronchitis, we hit it with every kind of antibiotic you can think of, powerful enough to stun a police dog at twenty paces, and a bunch of inhalers (steroidal advair and albuterol/pro-air being the main ones) to dig it out. For the first time in almost three years, it looks like we've beaten this damned thing. My energy level is up, and I'm charging through pages. So yes, I fell behind due to this...but I'm now not only caught up, but I'm now ahead of the game, turning in pages well ahead of art needs. My goal is to be 2 full issues ahead by NYCC.

"As for 703, while some of the story does take place in Cincinnati, I moved the bulk of the story to Danville, since that's where S&S went to school together. It would be a loss to miss that opportunity."

For more on "Grounded" and the ship dates for upcoming issues of "Superman," keep your eyes peeled to CBR News.

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