Superman's cape isn't the only thing you don't mess with

Superman may have a reputation as a big pushover, but that's because not enough people know Kerry Callen's version. That Man of Steel screws with Batman for kicks, won't put up with your sob stories and doesn't care what kind of excuse you have for not wanting to do the dishes. Knowing that, you probably shouldn't tease him about his costume.

But that's what some jerk does in the latest installment of Callen's hilarious Super Antics comic strip and, well, see what happens below. Following that: more about superman's undies.

Talking about Superman's underpants reminded me of something that's been sitting in my folder for a while, but kept forgetting to post about. In Supergirl #17, colorist Dave McCaig accidentally gave Superman the costume he's best known for:

When it was pointed out to him on Facebook, McCaig laughed and said, "I blame the vintage Superman statue next to my monitor for leading me astray." But being the consummate professional that he is, he also provided fans with a way to fix their copies so they're consistent with the rest of the New 52.

Thanks, Dave!

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