Superman/Batman #75 - If Only It Could Have Been All Two-Page Stories!

This isn't to say that Paul Levitz and Jerry Ordway did not do a good job on the lead story, as they did. But wow, the two-pagers were so awesome that I think it would have been a really neat idea to just have had the entire issue be two-page stories. That would have made this issue REALLY stand out, ya know (of course, a Frank Quitely cover helps no matter what)?

Let's take a look at the two-pagers!!

Steven T. Seagle and Teddy Kristiansen do a sequel of sorts to It's a Bird.. with a fun two pages. The best part was the bit about how do you pronounce the name of the book (the title logo of the book is just the two characters' logos put together).

Billy Tucci has a cute story about young fans at a comic convention.

Adam Hughes has a beautiful two pages contrasting the lives of Supergirl and Barbara Gordon.

JT Krul and Francis Manapul (I'm surprised Manapul didn't just try this one by himself - Krul did a nice job, I just figured that this would be a great opportunity for someone like Manapul to write a story - he strikes me as an artist who I could see writing his own stories) have an amusing story of Tim Drake and Dick Grayson discussing how Tim kissed Superboy's girlfriend, contrasted with Superboy asking Superman how he would react if Bruce kissed Lois.

One two-pager was a bit odd to me, though. Jill Thompson does one, and it is just two pin-ups. I mean, it's Jill Thompson, so they're well drawn pin-ups (of Catwoman and Lois Lane), but it was still a bit jarring. It's not like Jill Thompson couldn't do an excellent two-pager if she pleased.

Michael Green and Mike Johnson revisit the highlight of their Superman/Batman run with a two-pager with the first page having Shane Davis art (he drew the beginning of their run) and the second page having Rafael Abuquerque art (he drew the issues referenced here) as they show what happened when the cute Lil' Batman returned to his world with the dead Lil' Superman.

Duncan Rouleau wrote and drew an excellent two-pager showing Ace the Bathound and Krypto the Superdog fighting to see who was the best super-pet.

Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo break out a brilliant Calvin and Hobbes riff with "Joker and Lex," as young Lex (the Calvin of the piece) ponders how to defeat Superman. Joker's suggestions are awesome.

David Finch writes and draws (with Scott Williams inks) a tale of Connor Kent (now Superman) and Damian (now Batman) reuniting to lament their fallen predecessors. Finch impresses here.

Peter Tomasi and Gene Ha close the issue out with a heartfelt story of a father and son and their "adventures" fighting super-villains (the imaginary battle contrasted with the real one - Ha pulls off the effect beautifully).

So yeah, that was a whole lot of awesome two-pagers! It made for a very memorable 75th issue!

But yes, Levitz and Ordway = good, I want to repeat that to make sure it is clear that I just loved the two-pagers so much I would have liked to have seen more, not that they were not good, as they were.


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