Superman/Batman #51 Is a Delightful Comic Book

A few months back, I remarked at how much charm was involved in the little Kryptonite fever dream Superman had in an issue of Superman/Batman (a good part of the otherwise Death Spiral of a storyline).

Well, in the latest issue of Superman/Batman, writers Michael Green and Mike Johnson have delivered a delightful story, ably assisted by the best work Rafael Albuquerque has done for DC Comics so far (and good for him, as it is also his highest profile assignment yet).

The concept of the comic is that Mister Mxyzptlk caught Superman's fever dream, and decided that he would show Superman and Batman a fun time by making those fever dreams actual people - they come from a world where Batman's origin was that, when Bruce Wayne was a boy, his parents were...shoved to the ground in front of him!! From that point on, he vowed to never allow anyone else to be bullied in Gotham City!!

The rest of the issue is filled with similar cute gags, and I especially enjoyed how the "real" heroes react to the various cartoonish antics of the Junior Leaguers (like when the girl Leaguers see Robin and freak out over how cute he is and blow him kisses, their kisses come out as red smooches in the sky, leading Robin to note, "Are those lips?!?).

This is a really fun, well-told issue with great artwork. Well worth giving it a read.

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