'Superman/Batman' #1 sells out, back to press

Official Press Release

One day before its in-store date of August 6, SUPERMAN/BATMAN #1 has sold out at DC Comics. This highly anticipated debut issue, written by Jeph Loeb with art and covers by Ed McGuinness and Dexter Vines, is being rushed back to press as SUPERMAN/BATMAN #1 Second Printing (JUN035269), with the Batman cover from the first printing.

"After a year of mind-blowing surprises on BATMAN with Jim Lee, I didn't think I had any more birthday wishes left," says Loeb. "I'm very proud of the entire team, my partner Ed McGuinness, inker Dexter Vines and my good-luck charm, Richard Starkings on lettering. I want to send an extra-special shout out to colorist Dave Stewart, who lit up the book in a way I don't think anyone has seen McGuinness's work before - and Ed's worked with some of the best color artists in the business. The time for a SUPERMAN/BATMAN book seems right and I'm very lucky to have such an extraordinary group of guys - led by the Editor Supremo Eddie Berganza and everybody's pal, Tom Palmer, Jr."

"Thanks to the amazing work of this creative team, SUPERMAN/BATMAN is off to a tremendous start," says Bob Wayne, DC's VP - Sales & Marketing. "We're happy to keep the first issue in print so that new readers can pick it up."

SUPERMAN/BATMAN #1 Second Printing is scheduled to be in stores on August 27 with a cover price of $2.95 U.S. It is available for order now with an increase cut-off date of Sunday, August 17. Retailers may order the issue by contacting their Diamond Customer Service Representative or DC Sales Representative.

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