Superman Villain Campaigning to Lead Canada's Largest Province

Ahead of the June 7 election in Canada's province of Ontario, voters of the nation's largest region are faced with a difficult decision as they weigh the platform (or lack thereof) from each candidate. However, there is a less conventional option for residents: A vote for Superman villain General Zod.

Yes, the almighty Kryptonian is reportedly running in the hotly-contested Ontario election. At least according to newly-crafted lawn signs created by Toronto citizen Zoltan Hawryluk, who after "a couple drinks" decided to whip them up. They feature Terrence Stamp's portrayal from the '80 classic Superman II, and have been popping up around the province.

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You can download a hi-res version of the sign, featured below.

Poised to reject the 15-year-old Liberal government under Kathleen Wynne, Ontarians will have to choose between Doug Ford's right-wing populism and Andrea Horwath's social democratic reforms. And, apparently, there will be the General Zod option. Choose wisely, Ontario. Head to the Elections Ontario website for information on when, where and how to vote!

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