Superman: Year One: The Man of Steel Meets Lois Lane for the First Time

Legendary creators Frank Miller and John Romita Jr. are redefining the Man of Steel's origin story in Superman: Year One. The DC Black Label prestige format series goes back to Clark Kent's early days as he learns to use his powers, working its way through the years to him donning the red tights and cape.

Another big moment in the hero's life takes place in a preview of Superman: Year One #3, as Superman meets Lois Lane for the very first time.

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A helicopter Lois is traveling in is shot down by an Atlantis canon. But before the soldier can unleash one last salvo, Superman rushes in to push the helicopter out of the water and fly off with Lois before a missile can connect. Some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation later, and the two iconic characters formally introduce themselves.


  • written by FRANK MILLER
  • cover by JOHN ROMITA JR. and DANNY MIKI
  • cover by FRANK MILLER
  • It’s the jaw-dropping conclusion to Frank Miller and John Romita Jr.’s blockbuster reimagining of Superman’s origin! In this final chapter, Clark Kent arrives in Metropolis, the city where he will fulfill his heroic destiny. Witness the first meeting between Superman and Lois Lane, the beginnings of Clark Kent’s career at the Daily Planet, and the birth of his rivalry with Lex Luthor. But when The Joker arrives on the scene, the Man of Steel must enlist the help of his two strange new friends: Wonder Woman and Batman!
  • ON SALE 10.16.19
  • $7.99 US | 3 of 3 | 64 PAGES
  • FC | APPROX. 8.5“ x 10.875” | RATED T+
  • This issue will ship with two covers.

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