Superman, X-Men 3, Batman Begins: Comic Reel Wrap for May 12th


"Ten 'Til Noon" director Scott Storm got a chance to visit the Australian set of the currently-filming DC film, and posted his experiences, including some photos.


Actor James Marsden told The Advocate how serious he is about being in the next movie. "I want nothing more than to be a part of X-Men 3, especially since they're probably going into the Dark Phoenix saga, which would include my character a lot, but the schedule might conflict. I hope it all works out. I told them I'd do it for free."


A new international trailer is available, thanks to Comingsoon.net. Mmm, download-y ...


According to AWN, "Discovery Kids and Jetix Europe have ordered 13 new episodes of the Emmy award-winning animated series, 'TUTENSTEIN.' The new episodes are scheduled for delivery in 2006."


In the finest rumormongering form, IGN's FilmForce dissects a post from Ain't It Cool News, adding one and one and getting Ron Perlman as the Comedian, Hilary Swank as Laurie and Joaquin Phoenix or Mel Gibson as Nite Owl.


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