Superman: 10 Of The Worst Things That Happened In Metropolis

Metropolis is the ideal comic book city. It doesn't have the sheer amount of heroes that Marvel's New York City has, but it has the big one, the original man in tights- Superman. His presence makes the city a beacon of hope to the world at large and gives it one of the best superheroic protecting systems of any city in comics.

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However, bad things can still happen in the City Of Tomorrow. As powerful as Superman is, he can't always be there to make sure things are okay. And when bad things happen in Metropolis, they're larger than when they happen anywhere else.

10 The Invisible Mafia

When Brian Michael Bendis jumped ship from Marvel to DC, he was given the reins to Superman and Action Comics. In Action Comics, he introduced a very interesting concept- the Invisible Mafia. See, being a criminal in Metropolis is different than in Gotham. Batman will cripple you, but Superman can literally hear you anywhere you are.

So, an enterprising group of criminals got together and made up rules to live by so Superman would not be able to discover them, keeping organized crime alive right under his nose and making the lives of the city's citizens that much worse.

9 Intergang

What's worse than a group of regular criminals getting together to fool Superman? What about a group of gangsters with Apokoliptian technology at their beck and call?

Intergang was "run" by Bruno Mannheim, but he got his orders from the God of Evil himself, Darkseid. Intergang is much more dangerous than a normal gang because of their hidden benefactor, who frequently uses the group as a way to strike at Superman. Beyond that, they also have a very wide reach, but Metropolis is their home and they make things worse for the citizens of the city in any way they can.

8 Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come is one of the most loved books of the 90s in particular and DC Comics in general. Mark Waid and Alex Ross' opus about a world where the superheroes of yesteryear return to teach the new generation what being a hero is all about is still a powerful read.

It's revealed in Kingdom Come #2 that Joker went to Metropolis and went on a killing spree. This brought a new hero to town, Gog, who was hellbent on stopping the Joker through whatever means necessary. He killed the aging villain, a move that put him at odds with Superman and would lead to the Man Of Steel abandoning the city, leaving it at the mercy of a new breed of superhero who was more concerned with the fighting than the citizenry.

7 "Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow?"

"Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow?" is one of the seminal Superman stories. Written by Alan Moore, with art by long-time Superman artist Curt Swan, its goal was to put a close to the pre-Crisis era of the comic, as if this story was the last Superman story ever.

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Told in flashback by Lois Lane, it begins in Metropolis, with an uncharacteristically brutal attack by Bizarro, who was under the influence of Blue Kryptonite and went on a killing spree. From there, it only got worse for the city, as Prankster and Toyman stepped up their game to a chilling level and an army of Metallos attacked the Daily Planet. For the sake of the city, Superman takes himself and his loved ones to the Fortress Of Solitude, ending the brutal attacks.

6 All-Star Superman

From one seminal Superman story to the next, All-Star Superman is a book that many tout as the greatest Superman story of all time, much like the preceding entry. Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely revisit a lot of Silver Age ideas in the book, but give it a distinct 21st-century flair.

In the book's last two issues, Lex Luthor's plot hits full swing. Using a reprogrammed Superman robot from the Fortress Of Solitude, Luthor is able to synthesize a formula giving him all of the Man Of Steel's powers for 24 hours and begins to terrorize the city, while his ally Solaris has tampered with the Sun, taking away Superman's powers. Add to that a robot army led by Luthor's insane niece and it was a bad day to be a citizen of the city.

5 Crisis On Infinite Earths

Crisis On Infinite Earths is one of the most important storylines in DC Comics' history. It did away with the DC Multiverse, streamlining the company's continuity for a new generation. In doing so, it acted as a death knell for a lot of Silver Age concepts.

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The book highlighted a war between the heroes and the Anti-Monitor, who wanted to destroy every universe and convert them all to antimatter. Metropolis, being one of the main cities in DC, was victim to all kinds of attacks during the story, from Shadow Demons to a group of rampaging villains taking advantage of the chaos to try and carve out their own little stake in the Crisis. The Crisis was a harrowing event for the city.

4 Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis was published as a direct sequel to Crisis On Infinite Earths. DC built up to the story for over a year, sprinkling hints of what was to come and it was epic- the villains putting aside their differences and teaming up, an interstellar war that would help alter the cosmos, the Spectre and Eclipso rampaging through the magical community, and one of Batman's most dangerous technological tools being turned against the heroes all leading up to some shocking returns and a conflict that would bring back the Multiverse.

Metropolis got the short end of the stick when in issue #8, the villains decided that it was time to make a statement and attack the one place that people felt the safest- Metropolis. An army of nearly every villain in the DCU descended on the city only to be met by the united heroes.

3 Man Of Steel

In 2013, Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel began a new chapter for DC at the movies. The reviews of the movie were decidedly mixed, but the movie made enough money for Warner Brothers, DC's parent company, to give Snyder the keys to DC's cinematic kingdom, a move that would be controversial at best.

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The final battle between Superman and Zod and his Kryptonian forces in Metropolis was massively damaging. The two titans tussled with no respect for the lives of the people of the city, causing massive property damage. Fans argued whether Superman would allow something like that to happen to the city and it cast the Snyder's DC cinematic offerings in a negative light.

2 "Camelot Falls"

In Kurt Busiek and Carlos Pacheco's story Camelot Falls, Superman is given a chilling vision of the future. The villains have won the day and divided the Earth amongst themselves, leaving only a small group of freedom fighters to oppose them.

Metropolis is hit hard by this apocalyptic event, with the city literally broken in two from when Superman was thrown through the crust of the Earth from space. That event caused something analogous to a nuclear winter to engulf the city. The survivors had to deal with that, dwindling supplies, and roving assassins with little to no help in sight, working together to get through it.

1 "The Death Of Superman"

While a lot of events on this list highlighted the city of Metropolis being beset by crime, attacked by supervillains, or massive swathes of it destroyed, none of those things were the worst things that happened to the city, because it always had hope.

One event destroyed that hope, though, and it was 1992's "Death Of Superman." A massive monster named Doomsday attacked the city, making short work of all who stood in its way. Superman made a last stand against the beast, but it proved even too much for him. They felled each other and Metropolis lost its hero, the symbol that had defined it.

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