Superman: World of New Krypton #3

Story by
Art by
Pete Woods
Colors by
Brad Anderson
Letters by
Cover by
DC Comics

I love it when a book drops an ending on you and, while closing the cover, your only thought is, "Can't wait until next issue!" Admittedly, this is a rare occurrence nowadays, but this was the exact thing I just experienced. Rucka and Robinson have been delivering a good read with "Superman: World of New Krypton" each and every month, and this issue is no exception. Tasked with the post of being a Commander in Zod's army, Superman -- or Kal-El as he's known on NewKrypton -- seeks to deter the Labor Guild (not to be confused with the Lollipop Guild) from committing an atrocity they are sure to regret.

As a sign of his good will, Kal depowers and negotiates a treaty between the conflicting parties. No big surprise, but a bit of a challenge in interpretation at some points as Pete Woods' art is muddied in some instances with a black blur that could be interpreted as motion, miscoloring or simple printing press malfunction. In some areas the blur is successfully executed, but in others it simply muddies the storytelling.

Woods' figures, fauna, and fashions are distinctly Kryptonian and confidently designed, but in some areas, Woods sacrifices detail a little too quickly, such as during Kal-El's initial contact with the Labor Guild.

This title, while still flying the DC Universe bullet has been largely isolated, much as New Krypton has been from the remainder of the DC Universe. In this issue, however, it becomes quite clear that this will no longer be the case.

Rucka and Robinson have my curiosity piqued to see how the rest of the DCU takes the developments on New Krypton, from Kal-El accepting a post with Zod's army to Zod actually coming to terms with the fact that Kal-El can be an effective communicator and diplomat for New Krypton.

The cover for this issue has been "corrected," showing that the series is once more on track for twelve issues, which is a shame as this issue marks the quarter pole in the marathon of New Krypton. True, there is not a great list of accomplishments for this title as of yet, but the series has nonetheless offered entertaining new stories for one of comicdom's oldest and most utilized icons.

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