Superman and Wonder Woman’s DCU Romance No Longer in Continuity

Superman and Wonder Woman were never a thing. The confirmation that Clark and Diana’s New 52 romance has been retconned comes courtesy of current Action Comics scribe Dan Jurgens, in response to a tweet by a fan.

‘We gave the broad strokes in Action, which made things fairly clear,” tweeted Jurgens. “No romantic relationship with WW, for example.”

The four-issue Reborn story line ran in Superman #18 and #19 and Action Comics #975 and #976. It pitted Lois Lane, Clark Kent and Jonathan Kent against Mr. Mxyzptlk, who had been masquerading as the recently deceased New 52 version of Clark Kent.

The Fifth Dimension-dwelling imp kidnapped Jonathan in the hopes of luring Superman back into the old ritual of regular confrontation. Failing that, he’d determined he could make Jon his permanent playmate, but the boy defeated him by urging the New 52 versions of his parents to merge with the energy of their pre-Flashpoint selves.

As a result, the characters’ two continuities merged, with parts of their past becoming canon and other parts being jettisoned. One such jettisoned element was Superman's romance with Wonder Woman.

This two-page spread from Action Comics #976 summarizes some of the elements that remain.

Jurgens also confirmed that the events of the recent Superman Reborn storyline have an impact on the entire post-Rebirth DC Universe, and not just the Superman titles.

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The retconning of the Wonder Woman and Superman romance is only one of the changes that resulted from the Superman Reborn storyline. As readers saw in Action Comics #979, the merging of Superman’s New 52 and Pre-Flashpoint identifies resulted in the return of the pre-Flashpoint Hank Henshaw version of Cyborg Superman. This version of the character is not only allied with Blanque, who worked with his New 52 incarnation, but also co-exists with Zor-El, the New 52 version of Cyborg Superman, who is also Supergirl Kara Zor-El’s father.

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