15 Hilarious Superman And Wonder Woman Memes

Superman and Wonder Woman have a rich history together. The two have been fighting side by side since the original Justice League formed way back in 1960. For most of their history, the two were together strictly in it for the serious job of saving the world and nothing else. However, in the recent decade, in both canon and non-canon DC storylines, their persistently platonic relationship has given way to spurts of an inevitable super-romance. To say that the relationship divided fans is an understatement. Some thought it was ridiculous, others thought it was beautiful -- and both parties expressed their feelings through the creation of many, many memes.

But their super-romance is just one fertile source for Superman and Wonder Woman memes. There's also the fact that they're two-thirds of DC's Trinity. Seeing how the two react to their brooding and powerless third wheel is another opportunity for great memes. Then there's the DC Extended Universe, which gave birth to the cinematic DC trinity in the horrendously messy Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The movie may have failed expectations and broke hearts--but it didn't do so without providing abundant opportunity for memes. Here are 15 hilarious Superman and Wonder Woman memes.


Didn't catch this? Well, thank goodness for attentive meme-makers! The meme captures the homage that Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman paid to the Richard Donner's classic Superman. Blink, and you'll probably miss the big moment. The top image refers to a scene where Christopher Reeves' Clark Kent and Lois Lane are held up by a gunman. After Lois kicks the gunman, he loses his cool and blasts a bullet that's caught by Clark.

Jenkins decided to pay homage to the iconic moment. Of course, this time around the genders were swapped. Gadot's Diana Prince saves Steve Trevor's life by blocking a bullet with her bracelet. Among other things (like good movies besides Wonder Woman), it's moments like these that we'd appreciate more of in the DCEU.


When Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was announced, all eyes were on one half of the Brave and the Bold: Batman. Despite the studio having regarded the movie as a direct sequel to Man of Steel in the early stages, the flick gradually evolved into much more than that. The first significant departure from a Superman-centric film came with the announcement of Batman's involvement -- and who'd be playing him.

Ben Affleck's casting as Batman was -- and perhaps still is -- the most talked about superhero casting in recent memory. Part of this is due to how monstrously popular Batman is, as well as how much of big -- and controversial -- name Affleck is. It's no surprise that Batman overshadowed Superman in the lead up to the flick, which makes this meme so hilarious.



Few fans could've anticipated just how triumphant Wonder Woman's DC Extended Universe debut would be. When it had been announced that Gal Gadot would be playing Wonder Woman, fans were skeptical. The thought was that Gadot was too slender to pull off the role and that she wouldn't resonate the strength of spirit expected from the Amazon. And then Batman V. Superman came out. Who would've guessed that the only character that movie wouldn't butcher would be Wonder Woman?

When Gadot appears in costume during the third act, adorned in Amazonian garb, she stole the show. This meme does a great job of making explicit how Wonder Woman and audiences felt at that moment. She confidently arrived in the uber-busy DC flick to do battle with Doomsday -- and audiences couldn't ask to be in better hands.


Not everybody's a fan of the Superman-Wonder Woman relationship. In fact, there's a pretty vocal fraction of fans that think it's one of the more ridiculous ideas that DC's indulged in since the DC reboot.

For all of the reasons why a Superman-Wonder Woman relationship makes sense, there's also plenty of reasons for us to roll our eyes at it. First of all, it's an annoying trope across all forms of storytelling for two popular characters to invariably get together. Why? Apparently, because it's impossible for a male and a female to remain friends and never experiment romantically (at least, that's what the trope is telling us). Building on this, the Superman-Wonder Woman relationship seems so inevitable that it comes across as lazy writing when the writers did decide to do it.



Right around the time that Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice began production, the media discovered that Ben Affleck would be splitting from his wife of 11 years, Jennifer Garner. Predictably, the Internet and the tabloids went crazy with speculation. Was Affleck seeing somebody else? Did one of them cheat on the other?

This meme makes light of the situation, bringing it into the context of the Man of Steel sequel. Batman acts as the voice of unrestrained speculation, suggesting that Affleck may be leaving Garner for Gal Gadot. It wouldn't be too different from how Affleck met up with Garner. The two built a relationship on the set of Daredevil, lending credence to the possibility that falling in love with women on the set of superhero movies is a pattern in Affleck's life.

10 "ASK HER..."

Gadot's Wonder Woman stole the show in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and then she helped to deliver the first good DCEU solo movie. Naturally, her success is breeding more success. After Wonder Woman did so well, DC concentrated on making her more of a focal point in the Justice League marketing, to the point where she was upstaging the other two-thirds of DC's Trinity.

This hilarious meme does an excellent job of capturing the DCEU's unexpected dynamic. Superman and Batman are trying to work up the courage to ask Diana Prince if they can be in one of her flicks, to see if some of her star-power rubs off on them. Of course, knowing DC's inability to refrain from over-stuffing movies, the possibility of these two making cameos in future Wonder Woman flicks is a real one.



Some memes are set from the get-go, and nothing else is needed. This is such a meme. What was meant to be a dramatic JLA moment ended up coming across comedic -- primarily for just how flabbergasted Booster Gold acts. Really, Booster? Is it that surprising that the most popular guy on the team and the most popular girl on the team hooked up? Did you even go to high school?

For all the explosive action and veritable drama that comics pack, it occasionally indulges in this kind of reality TV melodrama. It feels like somebody just interrupted a secret rendezvous on one of those cheesy dating shows. We imagine the next panel featuring Booster Gold giving commentary on just how insane of a revelation it was to him. But we guess every JLA story can't hinge on the fate of the multiverse.


There's no denying that the animated series Justice League is a classic. Some even regard it as the pinnacle of the Timmverse, which is saying something (ahem, Batman: The Animated Series). But like most shows, it's not without its unintendedly funny dialogue, like here where Superman and Wonder Woman scoff at the idea of a mall.

Wonder Woman's dialogue here at least makes some sense. From what we know, she's spent most of her life in Themyscira, so her using a temple as a frame of reference is acceptable. But Superman has grown up on Earth! And since when is the guy so judgmental? All in all, this scene involving these two super-beings making such a corny critique of our culture is so unexpected that it's laughable. We can almost hear Martian Manhunter in the background saying, "Take that consumerism!"



Leading up to Infinite Crisis, Maxwell Lord was predictably up to no good. Among other things, he killed the second Blue Beatle and used Brother Eye to create an army of OMACs. He got his comeuppance thanks to Wonder Woman, who put him down. For good.

The meme makes a funny reference to the different ethical approaches that Superman and Wonder Woman take. Namely, Wonder Woman doesn't have the problem that Superman does with killing. On multiple occasions, Wonder Woman has ensured that her enemy would never bother her again -- including a tank-full of invading Nazis and the villain known as First Born. Of course, if you dig, you can make arguments for Superman occasionally crossing the line -- but he does it far less frequently and willingly than Wonder Woman.


Somehow, whether it be movies, cartoons, or comics, Batman finds a way to overcome Superman whenever they do battle. Batman fans attribute this to the fact that, well, Batman is the greatest superhero ever. Superman fans reasonably argue that the entire idea of Batman winning is about as unrealistic as a superhero story can get.

This meme, which uses a panel from Injustice: Gods Among Us, gives us an angle on the Batman v. Superman conflict that we don't often see: what Superman's significant other thinks of his pathetic loss. The result here is hilarious. We sympathize with Wonder Woman's frustration with her man for failing in such an improbable way. It reminds us of the "I got this" meme from above. In this case, it looks like Wonder Woman will have to take care of Batman.



Perhaps the best argument for a Superman-Wonder Woman relationship hinges on hooking up. Fans -- and some comic writers -- wonder: How does an all-powerful being like Superman not accidentally kill Lois whenever they're together? That thought may have inspired one the earliest instances of the Superman-Wonder Woman relationship, when Frank Miller matched the two together in The Dark Knight Strikes Again. The story features a preeminently bizarre scene where the two icons dash across the heavens and burst through icecaps while together.

Similarly, this meme is great in how it makes fun of the hypothetical explosive relationship that the two would have. If they caused the havoc that they did during The Dark Knight Strikes Again, they'd probably shake the watchtower. Plus, their expressions in this meme are priceless.


Who do you think would win in an arm wrestling match between Superman and Wonder Woman? Conventional wisdom tells us that it's Superman -- but this may be up for dispute. While Diana has had super strength throughout most of her long history in comics, the DC reboot provided her with a super upgrade. In fact, the new 52 Wonder Woman was said to have virtually unlimited power and that she needed to wear her Bracelets of Submission to keep her strength under control. So, maybe Superman better not take her up on that offer.

The playful meme uses an image from the Justice League Action cartoon. Fans don't think the cartoon compares to the Bruce Timm Justice League cartoons, but at least we can squeeze it for some juicy memes.



The reason that some fans can't stomach the fact that Superman and Wonder Woman aren't together lies here with this meme. Okay so they work together and it's kind of a lazy decision on the writers' part to put them together, but look at this meme! Look how perfect they are for one another! Seeing as how Wonder Woman and Supes have endured so much adversity together, it's hard to see how Supes feels closer to Lois.

Who doesn't want this in a relationship? Of course, with these two, watching each other's backs entails a lot more than your average couple. For them, it's about covering one another's six amid weekly alien invasions and carrying each other's beaten bodies out of war zones. Just your typical JLA stuff.


This is the second time somebody exploited this serious JLA moment for some comedic gold -- but gold it is. It happens to touch on a very painful experience that a lot of people have had. Funny as this meme is, it's oddly comforting to think that Supes could get caught in the dreaded friend zone. But, for Superman, it must be the super friend zone. And what friend zone could be more excruciating (and just plain embarrassing) than the super friend-zone?

This meme is gold because it touches on the above, and simply because any Super Friends reference or joke tends to result in a chuckle. You can't say "Super Friends" and not summon images of awkward superheroes to mind, or recall the countless errors made in the show.



Yikes. Who hasn't experienced something like this before? The meme touches on what has to be the superhero equivalent of the dreams we have about going to work in our underwear. Except it seems more likely in the case of superheroes, considering the perpetual juggling act they have to pull to keep their identities separate.

You'd think something like this would actually go down in the DC Universe. Let's be honest, Superman has a lot on his mind, protecting Metropolis, the planet, the universe, etc. etc. You'd think he'd run into the occasional brain-fart and pull this number. The same goes for Wonder Woman, albeit the trope is more commonly connected to Supes. How about it, DC? We want a graphic novel focusing on JLA goofs!


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