Superman, Wonder Woman, Blade: Trinity, Smallville, more: Comic Reel Wrap for October 20th


Dark Horizons has some rumors about Lois Lane casting, saying that the lead contenders are Selma Blair ("Hellboy"), Drew Barrymore (a friend of directorial candidate McG), Claire Forlani ("The Medallion," "Meet Joe Black"), "Friends" star Courtney Cox-Arquette, and "Buffy"/"Angel" vixen Charisma Carpenter. Locations are allegedly being looked at in Australia.


The same page at Dark Horizons says that Sandra Bullock has been joined by Ashley Scott and Eliza Dushku (who's also busy with her new Fox series "Tru Calling") as competitors for the braceleted role.


Dark Horizons also has a brief report from a Canadian calling himself "Sneaky Pete." He said, "I was on a TV set in North Vancouver BC the other night, and whilst there I found someone connected to one of the animal wranglers on Blade III. Seems there will be Rotweiller vampire dogs in the upcoming sequel and apparently the dogs will be of the same type of super vampire (ie.[sic] The Reapers) as the ones in the last movie, you know the ones with the head splitting act. There is a scene where Kris Kristofferson is bound up and the dog wakes him up, at some point a command is given and the dog's head splits open as it feigns an attack at Kris. The script sounds pretty cool, and I can hardly wait to see the FX on the dogs."


Our dear friends at Kryptonsite have a lot to share, including a photo gallery from last week's episode ("Extinction"), a press release from the WB about the "historic" pairing of the band R.E.M. and "Smallville" this week, spoiler-esque episode descriptions of this week's episode, and a two-minute RealMedia clip from tomorrow night's episode. Whew!


SciFi Wire has more corroborating rumors about wrestler Triple H (Hunter Hearst Helmsley) taking on the role of everybody's favorite Cimmerian, since he and old-school "Conan" writer/director John Milius are working on a new action movie called "Journey of the Deadman."


Director Guillermo del Toro loves coming online, and Moviehole caught him talking about how many movies he feels are apropos for the "Hellboy" story: "Three to do justice to all graphic novels." He added that the Colossus will feature in the first "Hellboy" sequel.


Toonami Infolink has word that the animated "Justice League" series will be joining the Toonami block within a week.


Fast becoming the Comic Reel's most reported-on actress, Comics Continuum noted that Catwoman/X-Men actress Halle Berry placed 40th on Entertainment Weekly's "Creatives" power listing. Marvel's Ari Arad placed 31st in the "Suits" section of the listing.


A very brief note from the same page at Comics Continuum: "On Oct. 28 at midnight, some Wal-Mart stores will commemorate the relased of The Hulk DVD by giving away exclusive Hulk comic books." Late night blue light specials, indeed.


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