Wonder Woman Picked a Really Bad Time to Get Advice From Superman!

As I wrote about the other day, Superman: Man of Steel #35 (by Louise Simonson, Jon Bogdanove and Dennis Janke) was actually part of TWO crossovers already! It was the first part of "The Fall of Metropolis" and it was also the first part of the DC Comics/Milestone Media inter-company crossover, "Worlds Collide"!

And then it also had to fit in Wonder Woman's visit into the story, too!

We see the beginning of the fight between Superman and the robot and we then see Wonder Woman's visit cut into the story SUPER quickly...

The implication of the story, by the way, is that Superman got rid of the robot, went off to have that heart-to-heart with Wonder Woman that we saw and then raced back to hug Keith, an orphan who was a regular fixture in Man of Steel, after the robot murdered Myra, the head of the group home where Keith lived...

That's quite a roller coaster ride of emotions!

Boy, they sure did ask a lot of Louise Simonson in that one comic book!

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