Superman Vs. He-Man: Round 2 in "DC Universe Vs. Masters of the Universe"

After over 30 years since their first encounter, Superman and He-Man will once again face off in a new DC Comics miniseries. Debuting in "DC Universe Vs. Masters of the Universe" by Keith Giffen and Dexter Soy is a six issue miniseries pitting the best of the DCU against the champions of Eternia, who find themselves mysteriously in the DC Universe. Revealed by Buzzfeed, the revealed cover by Ed Benes shows Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Batman and Cyborg up against He-Man, Teela, Man-At-Arms, Stratos and Roboto.

"That seems to be the rule for team-ups; fight, talk, team up," Giffen told Buzzfeed. "I'm not saying there won't be conflict between the MOTU and the DCU characters, just that we're going to try to dodge the obvious cliches."

The last time the DCU and the Masters of the Universe clashed, it was in the pages of "DC Comics Presents" #47 by writer Paul Kupperberg, penciler Curt Swan and inker Mike DeCarlo. The issue saw Superman travel to Eternia through a magic cloud, where the weak-to-magic hero ended up getting controlled by Skeletor into fighting He-Man. While the two heroes parted friends at the end of the story, it doesn't look like that friendship survived the DCU's multiple reboots since then.

"DC Universe vs. Masters of the Universe" #1 hits stores August 28.

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