Superman virtual-reality coaster takes flight at Six Flags

Beginning this weekend, roller-coaster enthusiasts will be to dive -- screaming, no doubt -- into Metropolis with the Man of Steel himself on the new Superman virtual-reality coaster at three Six Flags theme parks.

The ride is described as "a fully immersive experience," complete with six inversions and 70-mile-per-hour twists and turns. Wearing VR headsets, guests will be taken on what starts out as a leisurely journey through Metropolis, courtesy of Metropolis Sky Tours. However, just after departing the station, riders encounter Lex Luthor, who uses an anti-gravity gun and an army of Lexbots to wreak havoc, with cars, taxis and buses left floating in mid-air around the riders.

Naturally, Superman intervenes, and uses his heat vision to destroy the anti-gravity gun, which causes the objects -- including the Metropolis Sky Tours train -- to suddenly fall, just as the coaster takes its first giant dip. That's only the beginning, of course, as riders soar alongside Superman as he battles Lex and the Lexbots before arriving safely back at the station.

The Superman virtual-reality coaster officially launches Saturday at Six Flags New England (where it's called Superman: The Ride), Six Flags America (Superman: Ride of Steel) and Six Flags Fiesta Texas (Superman Krypton).

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