Superman's Official Twitter Dives Right Into the USA's Immigration Debate

DC recently gave their flagship character Superman his own Twitter account, where he promised to deliver some truth and justice. In his latest post, the Man of Steel wasted no time doing exactly that.

On Thursday, a tweet from "Superman" jumped right into a topic straight from today's headlines: immigration. A slideshow video posted to the account recreates "Lend a Friendly Hand," a one-page public service announcement first printed in 1960's World's Finest Comics #111.

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In the story, two American boys shun a refugee named Sandor, with the justification that Sandor "can't talk English or play ball or anything." Superman's super-hearing picks up on the discussion, and he seizes the opportunity to teach the youngsters a lesson on compassion and tolerance.

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Superman takes the boys on a trip across the ocean, explaining that refugees often flee their homeland because of war or political events. The Man of Steel also shows the boys a dilapidated refugee camp to hammer home the point of why these refugees leave in the first place.

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Superman closes out his message by urging readers to be friendly to boys like Sandor. This message, of course, also applies to immigrants who are fleeing their own homelands for similar reasons today. The immigrant crisis on the southern U.S. border remains an ongoing humanitarian issue.

The message maybe be nearly 60 years old, but it's no less relevant in today's times. While Superman promised truth and justice, the current tweet shows he's also still fighting to preserve the American way.

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