Superman, Transformers, Global Frequency, Fantastic Four: Comic Reel Wrap for August 5


New director Bryan Singer seems to have a lot in common with fans on the WB -- according to Superman-V.com, the "X-Men" veteran wants "Smallville" star Tom Welling to slide on a pair of glasses and make his way to Metropolis for good. "The offer is on the table and we believe it is a two picture deal. With Singer wanting to get his Superman soon he wants an answer within the next 2 - 3 weeks. Singer has already had meetings with other actors to discuss the role with Eddie Cibrian ('Third Watch') and Christopher Douglas ('Passions') being mentioned but has only offered the role to Welling."


Hasbro has posted a press release to their investors site about the upcoming Dreamworks Pictures adaptation of the toy line. "Steven Spielberg will executive produce. The film is slated for release in the summer of 2006. Lorenzo di Bonaventura ('Constantine'), Don Murphy ('The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen') and Tom DeSanto ('X-Men' and 'X2: X-Men United') are attached to produce."


New photos from the David Goyer-helmed vampire flick? Coming right up from Comingsoon.net, including a thoughtful one of Goyer himself and Jessica Biel in action.


Yahoo! Movies has an exclusive video clip (Windows Media/RealPlayer only) of the fight scene between Aliens and Predators that many fans saw in San Diego two weeks ago.


Creator Warren Ellis mentioned on his Bad Signal email list that he's getting trans-Atlantic. "I'm about a week away from flying out to Vancouver, though the tickets still aren't confirmed. I have my passport, though, in lightning time too. I was asked to come out for theentire shoot, but I can't afford the time, sadly. But I'm looking forward to wandering around the GF Central Ops set that poor Aimee Garcia will be consigned to. Also looking forward to seeing if she gets the mohican cut. The second GF collection, DETONATION RADIO, is set for later this year. And if the pilot gets aired and we go to series -- and the production has hired writers already -- I guess I better start thinking seriously about the sequel again."

In other news, Comics Continuum notes that "Ben Edlund, creator of 'The Tick' and a recent writer for 'Angel,' is among the writers contributing for The WB's 'Global Frequency' television series."


Ioan Gruffudd spoke to Sci Fi Wire about being flexible for his new role. I think the beginning of the story is us as real people, our friendship," Gruffudd said. "They are real people. You can associate with them. They're just in this incredible situation. We're sort of down-to-earth people, and I think that's the main attraction of these characters." To prepare for the Vancouver shoot, starting this month, Gruffudd has kept his head in the comic books, familiarizing himself with Reed Richards' vast technical vocabulary. "[There's] a lot of that," he said. "Which I will make quite interesting for you all."


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