Superman To Shoot In The (Not-So-Frozen) North?

The Avengers may be going to New Mexico, but if rumors are to be believed, the Man of Steel will be filming his next movie fighting for Truth, Justice and the American Way in... Vancouver? Oh, Canada...

Peter Leitch, chairman of the Motion Picture Production Industry Association of British Columbia, is confidently telling the Globe and Mail that Superman: Man of Steel will be shooting in his neighborhood:

[Zack Snyder’s] next feature’s coming here... I think it’s a great signal that we’re doing very well here and that we’ve got the quality technicians. ... We’ve got a reputation now that we turn out quality product here and I think that’s made the difference.

Independent sources confirmed to the news organization that Snyder's Superman revival would be shot in Vancouver, with a suggested start date of next summer. Six months until we have to look, up in the sky...?

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