Superman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Watchmen, Sin City: March 31st Comic Reel Wrap


Director Bryan Singer is still hard at work in Australia, as his new video blog at BlueTights.net talks to production designer Guy Dyas, talking about the Kent farm and maybe hinting at what's gonna be seen from there.


No, you're not getting pranked early for April Fool's Day, and no it's not really the early '90s again (despite some of the comics on stands that make it look that way). Superhero Hype has a press release that says, "Imagi Services President and CEO Tom Gray announces the signing of Kevin Munroe to write and direct a new CGI-animated feature-length 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' film. The 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' will ramp-up their booming revival with an animated film that will take advantage of new technology developed since the last 'Turtles' film was released in 1993. Now in pre-production, the film is targeted for U.S. release in spring 2007."


Empire Online invaded the pre-production offices for the Paul Greengrass-helmed Alan Moore adaptation, talking to Greengrass, producer Lloyd Levin and writer David Hayter about the creative process, talking about the first few minutes of the film and costume designs (including a more metallic Nite Owl).


Wired has an interesting article on co-director Robert Rodriguez, as yet another part of the media onslaught preparing for the movie's launch.


The Alan Moore adaptation train keeps on rolling as CFG posted an interview with the cast and crew (Joel Silver, Natalie Portman, James Purefoy, director James McTeigue and producer Grant Hill) from a press conference held last week. "We worked on 'V FOR VENDETTA' long before we made 'The Matrix,'" Silver said. "The [Wachowski] Brothers had done a script for this project several years ago and they then jumped onto 'The Matrix' and we did all those three movies. They came to me in the post-production of those movies, saying they'd like to revive that picture. James had worked very closely with us on 'The Matrix' films and had directed all the advertising, publicity and promotional things we did for 'The Matrix,' so the boys said why don't we have James direct it. That was a great idea, so they went back to the script and re-crafted it and thought about what it would be like today, and they re-wrote it and brought it to the board and here we are today."


Newsarama has an interview with Scott Jeralds, supervising producer for the upcoming animated series. "Cartoon Network was looking for a property to introduce to the younger set to kind of get them into superheroes," Jeralds said. "Krypto was pretty much the logical choice. If you look back at the Silver Age comics, the Krypto stories were kind of the tag-ons to the Superman/Superboy legend that were there to spark the interest in the other characters. That's not saying that they were throwaway stories, but they were kind of for a younger set, even back then."


Speaking of young and Krypton, our friends at Kryptonsite have a new set photo from upcoming episode "Onyx" and the network's official description for the episode "Spirit."


According to Toon Zone, the Penguin will be making his second appearance in the series' second season. A new episode called "Pets," written by Christopher Yost, will make its debut in Canada's Teletoon channel this Sunday.


Let's keep it in Gotham: there's talk of a new teaser for the Christian Bale-fueled film on Superhero Hype's message boards, where a poster wrote: "I just saw a new teaser during ESPN's 'SportsCenter!' It didn't have any footage or anything. It started on the red sky seen in the posters. Then bats fly from left to right eventually blocking out the entire sky. The titles appear: 'Batman Begins' June 17. I'm sorry I couldn't grab it or anything but keep your eye out. I'm guessing the media hype has BEGUN!!"


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