Just How Did Superman Survive 'The Death of Superman'?

In Death is not the End, we spotlight the outlandish explanations for comic book characters (mostly super-villains) surviving seeming certain death.

Today, we look at how Superman survived the "Death of Superman"!

As you all likely know by now, in the famous event in 1992, "The Death of Superman," the story ends with Superman and the monster, Doomsday, beating each other to death...

After the funeral of Superman, there was a break for the Superman titles, with the last issue before the break ending with Jonathan Kent, Superman's adoptive father, suffering a heart attack.

In Adventures of Superman #500, Jonathan's spirit sees Superman's spirit and he decides to brave it all to bring his son back...

Jonathan spends the rest of the issue fighting his way through the spirit world to get his son to fight this and come back to the living with him...

When Jonathan comes to and recovers from his heart attack, he tells everyone that Clark came back with him. When Lois goes to see Superman's tomb, he's no longer in the coffin!

Okay, so a bunch of Supermen show up and in Action Comics #687, we see that one of them actually came to Superman's tomb!

Then, a few issues later, in Superman: Man of Steel #25, a Kryptonian armored thing shows up and when Steel and Superboy break it open, who comes out but Superman!

Okay, so the Eradicator (from Action Comics #687) then sacrifices his life to restore Superman's powers.

Then, in Action Comics #692, we get a handy-dandy guide PRECISELY how Superman came back from the dead, courtesy of Doctor Occult. We have too many images so far on this page, so let's go to a new page to see what happens...

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