Superman, Spider-Man, Smallville: February 18th Comic Reel Wrap


There's trouble in Metropolis: Superman-V.com says, "Mark Mansbridge (Art Director) has left the project. More worryingly, Duncan Henderson (Producer) is gone and Owen Paterson (Production Designer) may have as well. Word is Paterson has left the production in LA and gone home to Australia. We hope to bring you confirmation on Paterson soon. We can tell you that Kym Barrett, who worked with Paterson on The Matrix hasn't gone and is still Costume Designer. These departures are due to the project being shut down. The script is also going to undergo yet more rewrites and these rewrites are said to be MAJOR. WB are also debating whether to move the whole production to Australia. We had heard this was definite and they'd do it after Stealth finishes filming but now things aren't so clear with the Australian Film Commission sending us a new statement 'According to Moviehole.net 14.01.04, 'Superman V' is booked in to shoot at Fox Studios, Sydney. There are no published mentions of an official attachment of a director or any actors at present.' Have WB done a drastic u-turn? You could look at this two ways. Firstly, the project could be on its last legs, WB may finally be bringing to an end the ten years in development Peters project. Secondly, they are shutting everything down in LA and will start up again when they move to Australia, hiring a new crew and having a script they can greenlight."


DVD Debate has a tidbit claiming that "Columbia Tristar have stated that they will be releasing two new editions of Sam Raimi's excellent superhero movie Spider-Man, as well a releasing the superb new animated series that is currently being shown on TV. May 24th will see the release of a mysterious 'Spider-Man' DE 3-Disc collection and a 'Spider-Man' Superbit edition; where-as April 5th will be the date of release of the very popular animated series in a 2-disc set (hopefully with the same DTS audio and anamorphic transfer of the excellent region 1 package."


The guys at Kryptonsite have spoilers about the season's 19th episode, "Memoria." As well, Steve Younis alerted us to yet another Al Gough interview, this time at The Superman Homepage, where Gough confirms that there was (at least at the time of the interview) a Superman movie in the works at the parent company, that Lois Lane could make an appearance on the show, and rumors about the series' eventual end.


The Tomb Raider Chronicles note that "'Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life' producer Lloyd Levin has said international returns were more than respectable enough to ensure a final chapter in the Tomb Raider motion picture trilogy despite domestic indifference, according to an article in the Official Playstation Magazine (U.S) this coming March 2004." It seems that "as coined $251,600,000 in worldwide revenue and remains the highest-grossing female-driven motion picture to date. Although critically mauled, Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie -- who reportedly signed a three pic deal -- said she would consider a second movie if the screenplay faired better than the first. This was marginally achieved in 2003 with the Jan de Bont helmed sequel Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life which saw the former Oscar winner resume her role as British videogame aristocrat Lara Croft. However, the mediocre box office performance dampened further by a second wave of criticism cast doubt over whether Jolie would return to complete the trilogy. The success of 'Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life' on DVD and home video may well prove pivotal in tipping the scales in favour of a concluding motion picture to a very mediocre series to date. It would be dubious to suggest Paramount Pictures has aquisitioned a new breed of consumer through the adaptation of the 'Tomb Raider' adventure series, but the existing hardcore 'Tomb Raider' fan-base - who still harbour fond memories of speed-boat racing through the flooded streets of Venice -- should continue to support and lobby for a third pic to complete the trilogy."


Yahoo! News is not the first to report it, and by now everyone knows that the Buffy-verse has been staked in the heart, preparing to leave the small screen, leaving Dark Horse Comics as the last bastion of stories in that vein. "WB network executives announced their cancellation decision earlier than usual to give series creator Joss Whedon, who spun off the supernatural comedy-thriller from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer,' a chance to prepare for a grand finale."


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