Superman, Spider-Man 3, Global Frequency: The Comic Reel Wrap for July 21


Variety reports that producers Ronald Shusett and Daniel Alter have optioned feature rights to Jordan Raskin's upcoming Image Comics series "Industry of War." Shusett will co-write the screenplay with Raskin, best known for Top Cow's "Ripclaw" series. Shusett co-created Fox's Alien franchise, was a producer on "Total Recall" and executive-produced "Minority Report."


The BBC talked to Sam Raimi, who had this to say about the next web-spinning sequel. "I just finished this morning [Monday 12th July] - I mean the basic story. I'd been working on it with my brother ... It's going to follow the natural progression of the growth of these two individuals, Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker. It will be a love story and it will track the relationship as they encounter new conflicts that separate them. And hopefully their own will and love for each other will bring them back together in the piece. Harry will be a problem, but I'm not certain if Harry will become the Goblin or not. The thing I'm really not certain about is if he comes to feel, 'Now I have the means to destroy Spider-Man -- I was too weak before but now I have a way and I will become the man that my father always dreamed I could be.' Or, does he feel: 'Now I understand why Spider-Man had to destroy him, because he was a mass murderer and now my anger can drain away from me.' It could be an answer to a question and it ends the pursuit, but I'm not certain which way to go."


According to Music from the Movies, Bryan Singer is wasting no time in getting his team ready to tackle the Last Son of Krypton. They note that "X2: X-Men United" editor and composer John Ottman will reteam with on the Warner Brothers film. "'All I can say is that he [Bryan Singer] is going to do it. And yeah, I'm editing and scoring,' Ottman says."

Meanwhile, Superman-V.com claims that Richard Donner and his wife Lauren Shuler Donner are in "deep negotiations" with Warner Bros. to produce the Superman movie, now that Neal Moritz and Gilbert Adler no longer on board. The site also has heard that original Superman himself, Christopher Reeve, might be involved in some producing capacity.


The Hollywood Reporter chimes in with an important behind-the-scenes story: "Platinum Studios has signed an exclusive deal to acquire and develop properties from leading indie comics publisher Top Cow Prods. for film and television. The agreement gives Platinum, headed by chairman Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, the largest independently controlled catalog of characters, puts it in a position to challenge market leaders Marvel Comics and DC Comics, and gives it development deals with every major Hollywood studio. Top Cow projects already in development include 'Wanted' at Universal Pictures, 'Inferno' at Warner Bros. Pictures, 'Rising Stars' at MGM and 'Fathom' at 20th Century Fox. Platinum is not becoming formally involved in those projects, but since Top Cow is dissolving its TV and film division, Platinum expects to take a role behind the scenes on the projects."


CineMovies has eight new clips from the Halle Bery-fueled feline flick available in glorious QuickTime.

X-MEN 3 & 4

According to IESB.net, "Word has it that 20th Century would like to have both movies filmed back to back," despite not having a director or many of the stars officially attached yet.


Kryptonsite has some tidbits about the hit series. First, they have a quote from actor John Schneider on directing the season three episode "Talisman." "I would love to direct another episode, because I was so impressed with the hidden abilities of not only the actors and actresses on the show, but of the crew, and of the people who write it. Acting is easy. Actors don't really dissect anything but what they're doing. But as a director, you've got to dissect the whole thing. That's when I found out why Smallville is doing so well, because of the talent that's behind it, and under it, and around it."

The site also alleges that Kristin Kreuk and Tom Welling will be on hand at San Diego Comic-Con for the "Smallville" panel on Saturday at 1PM.

Finally, Hollywood North Report has photos from the set of the season premiere, showing Lana Lang in "Paris."


Kryptonsite also has the 411 on the Warren Ellis adaptation, offering a first look at the series' logo artwork and news that Josh Hopkins has been cast as new character Sean Ronin, who Ellis described as "Sean is the 'Warren Ellis character' I didn't write into it, standing slightly askew of the whole thing and laconically trying to make sense of it." Ellis also said in an earlier Bad Signal broadcast email, "I understand that we have a tentative Kate [Finch, another new character created for the show], dependent on who's selected as our Sean," so perhaps even more news is forthcoming.


The Comic Reel is getting ready to take this show on the road. If you happen to be at the San Diego Comic-con, keep your eye out for a tall Black guy in a fedora and a lightning-bolt-adorned t-shirt.

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