Superman, Spider-Man 3, Batman Begins: June 22nd Comic Reel Wrap


According to Superman-V.com "OC" creator Josh Schwartz "has come onboard to polish the script. Schwartz' contribution is said to not be major and it is unlikely he will receive a writing credit. He was brought onboard at the request of McG to do character work so don't expect any major story changes." They also note that "Sam Heughan is in the running for the Man Of Steel. We contacted his reps who confirmed he read for the part last week and is currently in LA auditioning for roles for several movies. Scottish born Heughan (23) is set to star in 'Young Alexander' which is produced by Ilya Salkind."


Actor James Franco confirms a widely believed rumor about his character's development in a feature at Superhero Hype. "The films are pretty loyal to the comics. It's the spirit of the comics. It's no secret that Harry does become the second Green Goblin, or Green Goblin 2, but I know that I've talked a little bit with Sam about the 3rd one already, and nothing obvious is gonna happen. I don't think, it's not like we're going to redo number one. There will be surprises."


Batman-on-Film has the scoop on who'll be playing some of the pivotal figures in the character's early history. Linus Roache will be playing the role of Dr. Thomas Wayne, while Sara Stewart will be wife Martha Wayne. The robber Joe Chill will be played by Richard Brake and young Bruce Wayne will be played by a child actor named Gus Lewis. The pivotal murder scene was shot last Friday. The site also features a blow-by-blow on a proposed first trailer.


There's a rumor over at IGN's FilmForce that British thespian Luke Goss has screen tested for a role in the upcoming Tim Story-helmed Marvel adaptation. The working theory is that Goss is getting sized up for a suit of armor and a green tunic.


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