Superman, Spider-Man 2, Y: The Last Man: June 4th Comic Reel Wrap


There's a kryptonite bullet in the heart of the Tom Welling-as-Movie Superman rumor. Kryptonsite has now shot down the idea that yesterday's quotes ever appeared from Gough himself. "We have been told that Gough never did speak to those people, and, as he has said to KryptonSite in the past, "we plan to be on the air for as many seasons as fans keep watching!" The quotes on said website are totally fabricated."

In other news, Dark Horizons allegedly has a report (we couldn't find the link at presstime, and Countingdown.com was less than specific in their linking) that "Blade: Trinity" vixen Jessica Biel and director McG recently had a "long and animated coffee together," which is believed to have involved her possibly being Lois Lane. It's to be considered wholly rumor at this point.


Director Sam Raimi told Sci Fi Wire that it took some hard thinking to settle on one villain for Tobey Maguire to grapple with. "There were a lot of different iterations of the story, and at times there was more than one villain, and at times there were more than two villains," Raimi said. "But it all came down to trying to focus on what I felt was the strongest aspect of the film and diminishing everything else so that it could live. The strongest aspect of the film is Peter Parker [Maguire] and his journey to becoming a responsible young man. So after we had one villain to test his mettle against and to be in conflict with Spider-Man, I found that there were diminishing returns for the second and third villains, since our real story was an interior story, this journey to be a human hero, how Peter Parker battles the problems of being a hero, how he copes. The more villains that we added into the mix didn't seem to make the story richer and stronger. It seemed to diminish [it], in fact."

Also, Comics Continuum has screen shots from the Special Edition DVD for the first film, which previews the sequel.


Ready to see two whole minutes of the upcoming big screen adaptation? According to the official site, Fox will broadcast a first look at the movie during its prime time showing of "Cats & Dogs" this very evening.


Screenwriter Jeff Vintar told Sci Fi Wire that he is adaptating Brian K. Vaughan's comic book "Y: The Last Man" for the big screen. His biggest issue now is crafting a finite movie ending for an ongoing comic series. "Brian probably only has a vague idea of how it's going to end, because he's got three more years writing it," Vintar said. "The world may not be saved. The men are not going to come back. [Like] in a zombie film, you know the zombies are not going to go away, and yet at the end of the film, you want to feel like you've reached a dramatic high. It's not always easy. Not every film does it." David Goyer is attached to produce the film, but allegedly is staying out of the creative way. "Coming from the writing side, I think that he has been where [I'm] sitting before, and he has gone out of his way to not get in the way," Vintar said. "He's there. He's offered many times, [saying] 'I'm here whenever you need me.' But he's very accommodating, very much hands off, which is nice. I appreciate that."


Following up our coverage from last year, Variety reports that Jeffrey Nachmanoff is writing the script for the DC Comics adaptation (which is not at Warners, strangely enough) of the concept created by James Hudnall and Dan Brereton.


MTV News has a tidbit about the Jennifer garner-fueled spinoff and some other Marvel film news: "Marvel Comics fans who were disappointed with Jennifer Garner's black leather Elektra costume in 'Daredevil' have cause to rejoice: she'll be wearing a red outfit closer to the heroine's comic book garb in next year's 'Elektra' spinoff, which is shooting in Vancouver with director Rob Bowman ('The X-Files'). ... Meanwhile, Mark Steven Johnson, who wrote and directed 'Daredevil,' is in pre-production on Marvel's 'Ghost Rider,' which he'll head to Australia in November to shoot with Nicolas Cage in the lead. Johnson has an executive producer credit on 'Elektra.' ... On a related note, Marvel's long-awaited 'Fantastic Four' has begun pre-production work just a short drive from the 'Elektra' set. Tim Story ('Barbershop') will direct."


According to Bedford Today, the Bat-film turned the town inside out. "No-one would confirm extras agency 2020 Casting was in town to recruit the 'background artists' for the latest instalment in the saga of the Caped Crusader. But the hundreds of hopefuls who queued at The Place theatre in Bradgate Road on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday seemed keen to sample the movie magic. They were out to get the 1,000 'spear carrier' spots up for grabs in Batman's latest silver screen adventure, which comes to Cardington later this month." Further notes say that 2,000 extras are wanted, instead of the aforementioned 1,000.


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