Superman, Spider-Man 2, Hellboy, more: Comic Reel Wrap for December 26th


After we reported on Tom Welling talking to Carson Daly on "Last Call," the "Smallville" star spoke to Howard Stern more about possible silver screen Super-action. According to Dark Horizons, Welling said, "it's not totally out of the question. At the moment, that decision lies more with the producers of the show, than it does with me. I wouldn't knock back the offer. Basically, if they think this might be the last season of 'Smallville,' then it would be the perfect opportunity. We could continue Clark's story on the big screen, and that's something the studio and the new director [he didn't say who it was] are considering." Welling claims that the problem in casting an adult Clark Kent is that "they've had trouble finding someone that acts and looks like Superman, because they've either been too old or scared of being tied down to the role." He believes Warner has already chosen a Lois Lane, but thinks "Cheaper by the Dozen" co-star Piper Perabo would be a good fit.


Comingsoon.net caught Vanessa Ferlito on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," and the actress talked briefly about her role as Louise, Mary Jane Watson's best friend in the Spider-sequel. She enjoyed the work, but only got to read her part, and not the entire script, because the studio was "very hush hush" about the film.


Comics Continuum notes that soap opera star Kin Shriner (Scotty Baldwin from "General Hospital") will provide the voice for Green Arrow when the emerald archer guest stars this season. In addition to Green Arrow, a whole crisis-full of other guests are planned, including Black Canary, Red Tornado, Captain Atom, Atom, Firestorm, the Question and Hawk & Dove.


The same page at Comics Continuum has spoilerish descriptions for February episodes of the animated series. As well, they also report that Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher from "Star Trek: The Next Generation") will give voice to Aqualad, Mike Erwin does the voice of Speedy, Thomas Haden Church will be Killer Moth, Keith David voices Atlas, Xander Berkely will be Warp and Henry Rollins guests as Johnny Rancid.


Comics Continuum also has an update on "Hellboy: The Art of the Movie," a 200-page book priced at $24.95 and slated to be released a month before the film hits multiplexes everywhere. The book will include the complete screenplay, excerpts from del Toro's set diary, production art by Wayne Barlowe, Ty Ellingson and "Hellboy" creator Mike Mignola. "It's not one of those Disney art of books, that has a lot of b.s. paintings that were just hanging around the studio," Mignola said at Wizard World Texas, "This has real, nuts-and-bolts making-of stuff. There's a lot of production designers' paintings, a lot of schematics and mechanical stuff. There's a lot in there on how the movie really was made, instead of a pretty fluff piece that really doesn't tell you anything."


Ain't It Cool News has a report on Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger threatening to pop up "when you least expect me" in regards to proposed new films in the franchises, even if there are new stars. "I never once said I would quit movies, I just have to do less."


Dark Horizons has a spy report that says Universal may be getting out of the gamma spawned monster business. "Producer Gale Anne Hurd wants a sequel to 'The Hulk.' The studio doesn't. Eric Bana doesn't." They note Jennifer Connelley signed a one picture deal, and isn't bound to return.


"Mad TV" star Alex Borstein posted an update on her website about working on the set of "Catwoman," where she plays "Sally." Borstein said, "So far, so good. Most of my scenes are with Halle Berry and she has been great to work with. And for all those wondering ... yes, she is perfectly gorgeous in real life, too. Come to think of it, Benjamin Bratt is pretty foxy as well. Sharon Stone is stunning and very cool although we have no scenes together. (Of course, we all know that I am the hottest chick on the set, but I hate to sound stuck-up)"


Wrestler Triple H talked to WWE.com about his role in the vampire-fueled sequel. The grappler said he'd like to balance wrestling and film work, "I don't think at this point I want to do what (The) Rock's doing and just make movie after movie. When you look at it now, Rock's been gone almost a year. That's a long time. I was out for a year once (with a torn quadriceps). I didn't like it much." As for the film, "I was supposed to be there right now, but they're trying to get Wesley Snipes' part of the film shot and finished by Christmas, so they're rescheduling some of the stuff," he said. "So I have to go back in January, probably for a couple of weeks. We finish up at the end of January or the beginning of February. I don't think I'll miss hardly any (episodes of "RAW") now. Maybe an occasional show here or there. Once the holidays are over, my schedule will pretty much be: wrestle, go straight to Vancouver to work on the movie, go straight from Vancouver back to wrestling, etc."


Bedford Today reports that a Cardington hangar bay may host some rodents very soon. "A hive of activity has been glimpsed in one of the giant former airship hangars at Cardington, and it is believed the massive shed is being transformed into a film set," the article reports, "Hollywood giant Warner Brothers is understood to have taken over the hangar once occupied by building research consultancy BRE and contractors are clearing part of it with machinery. The massive structure was the largest single enclosed research centre in Europe until it went on to the market in 2001 and still contains towering blocks of flats built for tests." In other news, Latino Review reports that "Christopher Eccleston's agent ... said that the story (From Cinescape ) linking him to a role in the new Batman movie; 'Is not true at all.' She denies any involvement of Christopher with Intimidation Game."


The spies at Ain't It Cool News got a look at a work print of the new horror film from Marvel, and seemed happy with it. "It was still rough around the edges and I heard that the Arad's, based on notes from writer Hans Rodionoff, were making a few editorial changes, and adding some scenes to help tie the film together a little bit more, but on the whole, it was really, really good. I was impressed. Director Brett Leonard has really suprised me here, the film is incredibly well shot and looks phenomenal for the money ... The creature looked quite a bit like it did in the comics, which I was never a fan of, in this fuzzy little guys opinion, some of the pre production artwork I saw earlier in the year from an FX company that was vying for the job and didn't get it, was a lot better, but the films titular character was well done and din't bother me. However, the best part of the whole movie by far, is the script."


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