Superman, Smallville, Constantine, Hellboy: Comic Reel Wrap for November 18th


Superman-V.com caught wind of a rumor that Natalie Portman is among the actresses being considered for the role of Lois Lane. Her agents told the site that "nothing conclusive" has been said about the role, which is neither a denial nor an admission. Meanwhile, Superherohype caught a spy report, talking about location scouts in Australia. Finally, Christian Coulson of "Harry Potter" fame is rumored to have taken an audition for a fetching red and blue spandex suit.


Of course, the gang at Kryptonsite took some screen captures and made a lovely slideshow of images from tomorrow's new episode, "Shattered."


In a rare moment of cinematic continuity, Comingsoon.net talked to Halle Berry, who discusses how she has a Gotham connection. "I do wear a mask in this one, and what I like a lot about this script is that it harkens back to the Catwomen of the past. Like we're not presenting that I'm the only Catwoman. I'm one of nine Catwomen. We believe there are nine Catwomen in this life and I'm one of them. I would be the sixth or fifth one. And so, there are scenes where they talk about, yeah you know, that really great Catwoman on the east coast, which is supposed to be Michelle Pfeiffer. It leaves room for us to appreciate the ones of the past and also make a space for this new Catwoman version which is mine who is a little more 2004. The costume is a little bit more sexy than the costumes of the past, she's a little bit more urban, and hopefully we'll find a right tone for her that will make her like the other ones, but somehow different at the same time."


Ostrich Ink has an interview with Simeon Wilkins, the storyboard artist for "Hellboy." He was nervous working side by side with Hellboy's creator. "I'm kind of a slow reader, especially with scripts -- too much imagining and not enough reading. But this time it paid off. The other boarder finished before me and was able to choose his office first. Meaning he took the private nook and I was to share an office with two other guys, concept designer Ty Ellingson and the man himself -- Hellboy creator Mike Mignola. It was super freaky, to talk to these guys whose comics I have read and admired for years. I got lunch, and del Toro assigned me a scene. Gave me some thumbnails to work with and off I went to pencil. It was nerve racking to have to draw a character with its creator right next to you."


The Calgary Sun has a note about Djimon Hounsou ("Gladiator," "Biker Boyz") in the Vertigo adaptation. It seems Hounsou plays a witch doctor who helps Keanu Reeve's John Constantine through some tough times. Hounsou also noted he's playing a recurring role as a villain on ABC's "Alias," and has a role in the European comic-to-cinema cowboy film "Blueberry."


Comics Continuum has a spoiler-ish plot synopsis and photos from this week's syndicated episode, "Wasteland," written by Al Septien and Turi Meyer and directed by Rene Bonniere.


Yesterday's Comic Reel included two notes about proposed "G.I. Joe" and "Captain America" films. In those items were a couple of attempts at humor that were considered offensive by ... lessee here ... at the very least nine people. There were some very respectful and reasoned discourses during the day (the one day your faithful Comic Reel reporter was awake before noon), and in the end almost everybody who wrote in to the Comic Reel seemed satisfied. To be wholly clear, it was not the intent of CBR nor the Comic Reel to offend, nor insult the fine men and women in uniform. It was the intent of the Comic Reel to poke fun at two multi-billion dollar corporate-owned licensed properties. Glad to have that all cleared up.


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