Has Superman Added Sinestro To His Own Rogues Gallery?

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Superman #29 and #30 by Keith Champagne and Doug Mahnke, on sale now.

As readers saw in Superman #29, a couple dozen of Metropolis' children have been abducted by the living entity of fear known as Parallax in order to lure the Man of Steel into a conflict that would allow the demonic being to take over his form. Of course, where goes Parallax, so eventually goes Sinestro, the Yellow Lantern who long wielded the entity's power by way of his power ring, who does indeed confront a Parallax-possessed Superman in Keith Champagne and Doug Mahnke's current issue.

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The ever-stoic Big Blue, though, isn't about to let himself serve as a weapon for either Parallax or Sinestro, and in standing up to them, may very well have officially gained himself a new enemy.

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No sooner do Sinestro and Super-Parallax engage in battle, though, then they are transported to Sinestro's base of operations on the world of Qward (freeing the children of Metropolis from Parallax's thrall). Sinestro's own Weaponers, acting on his orders, transport the duo and subsequently take down and imprison the Parallax-controlled Superman. Seeking to regain control of Parallax and reestablish the Sinestro Corps, Sinestro attempts to exorcise the creature from Superman's body by stoking the Man of Steel's deepest fears, only to discover that Parallax had already relinquished his grip.

Sinestro then battles the formless being to a stalemate before Superman takes possession of the weary Sinestro's power ring, and placing it on his own finger, overcomes his fears as well as Parallax himself, imprisoning the entity back within the confines of the yellow ring. With the power that Sinestro himself had sought now safely contained and incapacitated, Superman refuses to return his yellow ring to him. Knowing he hasn't the power to defeat Superman, Sinestro transports himself away, but not before swearing to the Man of Steel that he's made himself a new enemy – Sinestro himself.

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