Superman, Sin City, Blade: Trinity, Constantine: December 1st Comic Reel Wrap


Eddie at IESB emailed us to brag about a scoop which pretty much permanently removes one name from the Lois Lane race. At the premiere of "Closer," they asked actress Natalie Portman she ever consider tackling another big budget franchise such as playing Lois Lane in the new Superman film? "No, I don't think so," she responded before entering the screening. So they've got that going for 'em.


Speaking of "Closer," Comingsoon.net talked to Portman's co-star (and Heidi Macdonald's obsession) Clive Owen about heading down to Austin to work with Robert Rodriguez. "It was extraordinary," Owen said. "It was Robert Rodriguez, who is like [a] Renaissance man really. He's a complete one-off. I've never met anyone quite like him. He does absolutely everything. He shoots, he edits, he operates, he lights, he composes the music. He's the most amazing cook. He really pissed me off. It's an extraordinary project. He's doing this strip, cartoon, picture book, Frank Miller thing and he's been so faithful. He re-creates image by image by image. To us, it was very weird. We were just standing in a sort of green screen every day, and everything else will be added. It was an extraordinary experience, but my most overwhelming memory is how hugely impressive the whole thing he's got going down there in Texas is."


Ready for another slice? The official website has been updated with a new, extended clip called "Final Preparations" (QuickTime and Windows Media), as the day looms ever closer when the movie hits cineplexes everywhere.

Meanwhile, writer/director David Goyer downplays the on-set strife in talking to Sci Fi Wire. "You know, there was definitely some drama on the set, I won't deny it," Goyer said. "[But] it was similar to the drama on the other two movies, and the only difference is a little more of that leaked out. There has always been a certain amount of drama on the movies, and, you know, ... when you direct a 'Blade' film it's not like 'Fried Green Tomatoes.' It's definitely a full-contact sport, and ... when you are shooting a film like that, there are a lot of personalities involved and a lot of egos involved, and definitely sometimes you go head-to-head. And the only difference in this film is that I was doing it, as opposed to [Stephen] Norrington [who directed the first Blade movie] or Guillermo [del Toro, who directed Blade II]. But at the end of the day, Wesley's always been happy with the final product."


Apparently, German site Filmnetz has some new photos from the Keanu Reeves-fueled Vertigo adaptation. Nice PowerBook, Rachel!


Director Sam Raimi is on a tear, this time talking to FilmStew about the story development for the next sequel. They report: "With two stories under his belt and a divergence from the comic books now clearly delineated, Raimi is looking more now to wrap up the strands of the first two movies than remain tied to Stan Lee's original narratives. 'I think the audience has been tracking this love story with Mary Jane Watson [Kirsten Dunst] and Peter Parker, and now they're together. The way they got together and the reality of the movies is slowly becoming more dominant of a guiding force than the books, just because so many unique things have been set up in the movies that have now got to be completed in the third part, that there's a demand to do that.'"


The WB has updated their Kryptonite Sweeper online game, so that finishing the first level now will show you a preview clip of tonight's episode, "Scare."


Comics Continuum has a slew of screen captures from the upcoming episode, "Ultimatum."


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