Superman Vs Sentry: Who Is Really Stronger?

Over the years, both DC and Marvel comics have introduced us to some pretty powerful characters. Superman, of course, is one of the strongest characters that DC has to offer. On the other hand, Marvel always seemed to struggle to find a hero to live up to the same legacy. That is, until Bob Reynolds, The Sentry, was introduced.

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Aside from a few key differences, Sentry is often referred to as Marvel’s answer to Superman. However, Sentry actually has a lot of his own unique abilities. Since Sentry’s introduction, fans have been debating who would win between the two. Let's take a look at some of the factors in that debate!

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11 Enemy Power Level: Superman

Over the years, Superman has faced several powerful threats to himself, the planet and even the universe. However, in comparison to Sentry, Superman has defeated significantly greater opponents. Sentry’s main antagonist over the years has been the Void, an evil version of the Sentry who resides within his mind. Like the Sentry, the Void has all the same powers and abilities, except he uses them for selfish and evil gain.

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Superman’s demons have never really resided within him. Instead, he regularly faces the likes of the brilliant Lex Luthor, the power-hungry Darkseid, Brainiac, Metallo, Doomsday, Zod, and many more. Superman has definitely built up a wider rogues gallery than Sentry and defeated all of them at some point.

10 Main Inherent Power: Sentry

If you think Superman is overpowered, you may be surprised to learn that Sentry actually possesses far more abilities. Not only does he possess all the same abilities as Superman (minus heat vision and frost breath), but Sentry can also manipulate light, bend time, shapeshift, teleport, project thoughts and consciousness, and create an emotional aura.

Without a doubt, Sentry has a significant advantage over Superman in regards to pure power. In fact, Sentry’s abilities are theorized to have no limit, so long as he keeps pushing himself.

9 Main External Power: Tie

Though Sentry has the greater number of powers within him, he isn’t always able to exercise them as easily as Superman can. As mentioned previously, The Void resides within Sentry. Therefore, for every good deed that Sentry accomplishes, The Void attempts an equally evil action.

Due to this, Sentry has to constantly be vigilant of the amount of power he exerts during battle. This is certainly not the case for Superman. Superman can use his full abilities, to their full extent, all the time (as long as he can recharge under a yellow sun). While Sentry may be able to physically outmatch the Man of Steel, the lack of drawbacks to Superman’s own powers make for a much more equal playing field.

8 Allies: Superman

In Sentry’s short publication history, he has come to align himself with both the Avengers and the Dark Avengers. While both teams certainly have a lot of power behind them, they still don’t match up to the likes of the Justice League. Without question, the typical members of the Justice League would easily outmatch the Avengers.

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Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and Wonder Woman, along with Superman, would be a virtually unstoppable force. Though Sentry may be able to hold his own against Superman, the Justice League would definitely wipe the floor with the Avengers.

7 Experience: Superman

Superman fortunately has the advantage of having been around since 1938. This has allowed him to face numerous threats of all sorts. While Sentry has been around for awhile now, his lack of popularity has severely limited some of his accomplishments. For example, Superman has beaten Darkseid almost single-handedly on several occasions, defeated the likes of Brainiac, and even pulled the Earth from the dark multiverse.

Sentry, on the other hand, has gone up against the Avengers on several occasions, but mostly struggles against The Void. Though Superman has the advantage of time on his hands, that doesn’t change the fact that he has tackled far greater challenges and far deadlier enemies.

6 Personality: Superman

Both characters sport a very flashy “S” for all to see as they conduct their heroics. However, Superman certainly serves as a stronger symbol to humanity than Sentry. The Superman shield serves as Krypton’s symbol of hope, an ideal that Superman tries to spread every single day. He regularly saves people and helps how he can, almost always with a smile.

Sentry certainly has a dark side to his personality, which has often stood in the way of his public image. His time with the Dark Avengers certainly didn’t help either. While personality may not seem like a key factor here, Superman’s “can-do” attitude and positive outlook certainly gives him an edge over Sentry’s darker, self-doubting personality.

5 Strength: Sentry

Superman has always been the type of character to overcome any obstacle. No matter what the challenge is, he seems able to rise above it, either through physical strength, or strength of will. At one point, Superman was even shown bench pressing three times the weight of the Earth.

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Yet still, above all of that, Sentry has the potential to surpass him. As previously mentioned, Sentry doesn’t really have a cap on how strong he can become. The only downside to becoming so strong is that the Void also becomes that strong. In actuality, Superman is likely stronger than the Sentry is willing to become, but Sentry would still be able to surpass him if he wished.

4 Equipment: Superman

As a result of all of his adventures, Superman has amassed quite the collection of alien technology. On occasion, this technology has strengthened him even further, or hindered him by trapping or weakening him. Regardless, Superman definitely has no shortage of dangerous technology within the walls of the Fortress of Solitude.

On the contrary, Sentry has seldom relied on technology of any sorts during his superhero career. Recently, he has been seen using a device that helps him monitor his abilities, but that doesn’t help reinforce or hinder his powers. Sentry himself may be able to beat Superman as far as pure power goes, but the technology available at Superman’s disposal can also give him a significant edge.

3 Durability: Sentry

Aside from Sentry’s strength, he really has no physical weaknesses. Superman, on the other hand, is vulnerable to several factors, including kryptonite, magic, and a lack of solar radiation. This means that Sentry can keep up the fight long after Superman has exhausted himself.

However, Sentry has been knocked out by a single punch from the Hulk before. Granted, Hulk was at his absolute strongest, but still. Regardless, in a one-on-one fight, Superman is much more likely to tire before Sentry, giving the Man of Steel a small disadvantage.

2 Biggest Feat: Superman

In over 80 years of publication, Superman has certainly accomplished a lot. During the Final Crisis, Superman was successfully able to rescue the planet from descending into the dark multiverse. Likewise, Superman has also fixed the sun at the conclusion of All-Star Superman.

Unfortunately, while Sentry is certainly capable of a lot, he hasn’t quite measured up to the same accomplishments as Superman. Hopefully, stories will come along that truly show off what Sentry is capable of, but for now, this round goes to Superman.

1 Winner: Superman

After looking at several components of each character, it seems obvious that Superman would likely emerge victorious over Sentry. With the inclusion of allies and technology into the mix, Superman especially would have an advantage.

Granted, both beings are supremely powerful. If they wanted to, they could each be the most destructive force in their respective universe. While Sentry may be able to overpower Superman, he has yet to demonstrate any similar feat in the comics. Perhaps, with the absence of the void, Sentry will be able to realize his full capabilities.

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