Superman saves Wonder Woman from Hollywood Blvd. attack

Typically when we report about the costumed characters on Hollywood Boulevard or in New York City's Times Square, it's because of their alleged misbehavior: assault, theft, all-out civil war. But this time the superheroes are actually, well, the heroes.

Los Angeles' KABC reports that on Friday, well-known character impersonators Jennifer Wenger and Christopher Dennis (aka Wonder Woman and Superman) were taping a segment for Jimmy Kimmel Live when Wenger was attacked by a cowboy boot-wearing transient who's apparently infamous for bad behavior.

"She got in my face and she flipped my lip, and then punched me in the face," Wenger told KABC. And that's when the Man of Steel stepped in. "I'm then reflecting all of her boot throws," Dennis explained. "She actually hits Wonder Woman again with a boot. I reflected it and it just kind of ricocheted off my arm and hit her in the face."

The transient also allegedly threatened the pair, pledging that they would be "dead by tomorrow." That threat can't be easily dismissed, as a transient fatally stabbed a woman in June after she refused to pay him a dollar for taking his photo.

Asked why she didn't fight back against her attacker, Wenger said she drew inspiration from the comic-book superheroine: "Thank you, Wonder Woman, for inspiring me to do the right thing and not hit that girl back. Because I was sitting there [thinking], 'What would Wonder Woman do?' She wouldn't hit the crazy lady."

(via Gawker)

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