Superman Has Figured Out Rogol Zaar's Motive for Destroying Krypton

What Has Superman Figured Out?

The idea of Zaar seeing Krypton as a plague or virus plays into his subsequent statements. He makes mention of his already stated goals of destroying Earth – by way of the presence of Kryptonians there – as well as the Kryptonians trapped with him in the Phantom Zone. The latter statement is a rather foolish one to make aloud, considering the army of Kryptonians in the Zone he has rallied to his side. Especially if any of them are within earshot.

Superman seems to have a moment of realization at this point. Has he finally figured out Rogol Zaar is a murderous racist whose bigoted mindset has resulted in genocide? Or had he already acknowledged this obvious revelation, and has now come to understand something else about this dangerous villain?

Last issue, Superman reached out to his longtime foe and Rogol Zaar ally, the former Kryptonian terrorist Jax-Ur. Kal-El attempted to convey that Rogol Zaar's ultimate motives will eventually include the destruction of all Kryptonians – including Jax-Ur himself. The statement gave Jax pause – did Jax-Ur perhaps overhear Zaar's admission to Superman, which would assuredly break his alliance with Rogol Zaar? Is this Kal's realization – that Zaar is finally all but defeated, with his allies now about to turn against him?

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Maybe It's a Personal Problem

Rogol Zaar makes another mention that could serve as a possible motive. The villain refers to Superman's potential "half-breed offspring [he] sired across the galaxy." As Kal-El isn't really known for his intergalactic promiscuity, does Rogol Zaar has some kind of more personal motivation? Zaar is heirless, as far as his known history goes, so is he driven by his potential jealousy of Superman's potential heirs, when he has none of his own? Did Zaar once have a family, and does he blame Kryptonians for their possible demise?

Or, was Zaar perhaps unable to conceive any heirs in the first place, meaning his hatred might be rooted in his own shortcomings, but directed at Krypton for reasons yet unknown?

It's also possible that Superman's reaction wasn't in response to Zaar's words at all. While Rogol Zaar rambles on about his vengeful, hateful ways, he's sucker punched by none other than General Zod, who has found his way back to the Phantom Zone. Superman may very well have seen Zod's approach, and realized that he had found a new and unlikely ally. And, perhaps somewhat delighted that Zaar is about to get clocked from behind.

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The Enemy of the Enemy

Zod, in fact, might be the key to finally defeating Rogol Zaar. As the issue closes, Zod professes that, unlike Kal-El, he isn't above revenge. There's little doubt that Zod would be all too willing to kill Rogol Zaar, given the chance, and with Superman at his side, it's a very likely possibility.

Superman himself wouldn't partake in murder, of course. And he might even try to stop Zod from killing him. But at the moment, Zod is consumed with a murderous rage of his own – one that even Superman might not be able to stop. Maybe that's Superman's ultimate realization – that Zod's arrival will not only turn the tide, but permanently end the threat of Rogol Zaar. That permanent end, of course, being Zaar's death – a death that Superman already suspects he might be powerless to prevent.

Rogol Zaar's reasons for his hatred of Krypton aren't stated outright, but Superman might have figured them out. And those reasons might be far more personal than first realized. The actual causes might surface while General Zod tries his hand at defeating Rogol Zaar in Superman #6, on sale December 12.

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