Superman Returns, X-Men 3, Smallville, The Batman: September 1st Comic Reel Wrap


The new one sheet poster has been posted at IGN's FilmForce, and they keep it simple.

Meanwhile, Superman Homepage talks about the cover story on the film in SFX Magazine.


There's a new tidbit about the crew on X-Men Films: "When the Phoenix is out to play, the military will be there in her way? Ron Blecker has joined the X3 crew as a military advisor! After calling in with the company Def Con 5 Incorporated, XMF has learned that Blecker will be advising a 'large group of military extras in how to use firearms, and other military tactics for a major scene in the film.' Blecker also worked in X2, but only as an a technical advisor. We're being advised that his work in X3 is for something 'major'. We pushed for more quotes, but no further comments could be obtained at this time."


The onslaught of info continues, as a Tom Welling video interview gives up some spoilers at Sacramento's WB58. Our pals at Kryptonsite have seven new set photos from the season premiere, as well as the official TV Guide description of the episode.


Producer Jeff Matsuda sat down to answer questions from the fans on the Legions of Gotham message board, talking about his process of creating characters and what villains we can expect to see.


Comics Continuum has an update on the upcoming "Heart of Stone" episode, reporting that "Veteran actor Paul Guilfoyle is providing the voice of Warlord."


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