Superman Returns, X-Men 3, Smallville, Beowulf: The Comic Reel Wrap for August 19th


What? You weren't one of the people who woke up at 3AM to get in line and see footage of the Bryan Singer-helmed film at this year's SDCC? Well, the latest video blog at the Blue Tights Network is here to help, showing scant seconds from the film. You're welcome.


Actor Patrick Stewart is quoted at StarTrek.com talking about the new mutant-themed sequel, filming now. "'We have shot five days on 'X-Men 3,'' he announced to hearty applause. 'It's wonderful,' he continued about the new movie during his Sunday appearance. 'Already some amazing things have been put in the can, some surprises -- [including] one surprise which will never even appear in a script form. We've just shot it. It's so secret, that there was never, ever allowed anything to be on paper about it. I think Brett Ratner is going to do a fantastic job on this movie. He's an extraordinary, gifted man, and I think the perfect choice to direct 'X3.' We miss Bryan Singer, of course, because this is the man that launched this franchise so outstandingly.'"


Meanwhile, X-Men Films had much to say about the goings on for the movie. "'X2' starlets Shauna Kain (Siryn), Bryce Hodgson (Artie), Conner Widows (Jones) and Luke Pohl (X-Kid) have joined the cast all reprising their respective roles in the sequel. The young actors are currently shooting in Victoria, Canada at the Royal Roads University. Bruce Davison's reps have told XMF that we shouldn't expect to see Senator Kelly back. Davison is currently shooting the highly anticipated mini-series 'The Triangle' (Catherine Bell, Sam Neill) he then heads straight into a movie called 'The Real Catch.' Vinnie Jones has already been in Vancouver for a costume fitting but he won't return until September to start filming his role as Juggernaut." Thanks to Rod Hezarkhani for the heads up on that.



Former "Buffy" actor James Marsters talked to E! Online, and let slip a spoiler or two (which we won't reprint) in his interview.

Meanwhile, Kryptonsite has excerpts from the preview of season five published in Sci Fi Magazine. Which, of course, also has some spoilers.

Speaking of spoilers, Kryptonsite also talks about what "4400" actor Richard Kahan will be doing on the episode called "Thirst."


No, not the comic by Speakeasy -- Variety is reporting that Robert Zemeckis, the director of "Polar Express," has secured financing for an animated "performance-capture" adaptation of the Old English epic Beowolf, which will be filmed from a script by Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary.  Angelina Jolie, Ray Winstone, Anthony Hopkins, Brendan Gleeson, and Robin Wright Penn are set to "star" in the film in which their performances are transferred to animation via a "performance-capture" process that Zemeckis used on "Polar Express."


On his blog, Gaiman wrote "We didn't try to put everything in the poem onto the screen ... anything where we only have someone in the story's word for it, what happened might -- or might not -- have happened like that." He also said, "Yes, there is still some Old English in it."


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