Superman Returns, Werewolf By Night, Smallville, X-Men 3: November 21st Comic Reel Wrap


Director Bryan Singer spoke at Princeton University as part of the Christopher Reeve lecture series, and this guy was on the scene, giving up tidbits and spoilers about the upcoming movie.

Superhero Hype chimes in with set photos of Metropolis-area vehicles, and Comics Continuum has some quotes from Singer saying his involvement with a sequel is not guaranteed and that the budget comes in under $200 million.


Superhero Hype also has word that the hirsute Marvel adaptation will make its debut in 2006.


The show was the subject of a huge feature at Entertainment Weekly, and Kryptonsite has scans of the whole shebang.


It may just be a Flash-based teaser, but the official site is online.


There's some casting allegations over at Superhero Hype, which is expanded from earlier information with new characters.


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