Superman Returns, Ultimate Avengers 2, Sin City 2: June 22nd Comic Reel Wrap


The news deluge ramping up to tomorrow's opening continues, as WireImage offers a slew of photos from the premiere, including a shot of Kevin Spacey and Michael Rosenbaum together in a meeting of the Lexes. Speaking of everybody's favorite Luthor (quiet you Lena fans), the official website has apparently been hacked and graffiti-ed by the belligerent bald guy. There's a free two and a half minute clip from the movie available from iTunes and finally, Superhero Hype has a note from the premiere where producer Chris Lee implied that sequels were a'comin' saying that the actors "are signed on for three films."


Comics Continuum caught some quotes from voice actor Dave Boat, who plays Thor in the direct-to-DVD Marvel features. "I'm a god to my nephews and his friends," Boat said. "It's really exciting to have this number of actors working together for a period of time." Previews apparently show the God of Thunder getting time to chat with his dear ol' dad.


Actor Michael Clarke Duncan is still talking about returning as Manute in the sequel, according to Empire Online. "Manute is always around," Duncan said. "Not that many people understand Frank Miller jumps around. If you're not a fan of the comic books, you won't get what he's doing. You'll think 'didn't he get killed?' but Frank doesn't do it in order, he goes from the last book and then he'll jump right to the third one. I hope people understand it. True fans will understand that. We've talked about it, Manute has a very big role and I certainly wanna be a part of it. I love the way Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez direct. They're like the coolest guys you'd wanna meet, so I gotta go back to that."


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