"Superman Returns" Trailer Now Online, We've Got Screen Grabs

It's the trailer everyone is talking about today. The first, full-length "Superman Returns" trailer bowed today on Apple's Quicktime Trailer Web site and the reaction has been pretty strong thus far. While previous trailers gave us a look at what we should expect, a tease if you will, this 2:35 trailer gives greater hints as to the story in the film, as well as great looks at characters like Frank Langella as Perry White and, especially, Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor, who looks like he'll please fans of Superman with ease.

For those of you either at work or with a slow connection or a slow computer, CBR News has gathered together a large selection of screen grabs from the trailer to "freeze" the action in your mind. But, of course, this really doesn't do justice to the trailer itself, so we encourage you to check it out when your boss isn't looking over your shoulder.

"Superman Returns" to theater's June 30th, 2006. Tell the world what you think here on CBR's TV/Film Forum.

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