Superman Returns, Torso, Blade, Transformers: January 12th Comic Reel Wrap


Actor Brandon Routh talked is quoted by Sci Fi Wire, talking about his iconic role. "He's come back [after being away for several years]. He's lost. He's learned things about the world that have changed, and he's not found what he went after ... and he just feels alone. And he's not sure if he wants to use his power even. It's at that point that he really tries to connect with the world, with humanity, with his humanity. I mean, he's an alien, but he's human. Or he does his best to be. He lives here. He wants to be part of that world, I think."

Meanwhile, Premiere magazine has a big feature on the film, which goes into detail about filming of some scenes and the film's design sensibilities.


Variety (subscription required) reports that "David Fincher, who is currently directing 'Zodiac' for Paramount and Warner Bros., will reteam with Par to helm 'Torso.' Bill Mechanic, Don Murphy, Todd McFarlane and Terry Fitzgerald are producing. Based on the graphic novel of the same name penned by Brian Michael Bendis with illustrations by Marc Andreyko, the project will be adapted by scribe Ehren Kruger. Par is close to finalizing all deals on the project, and once those are complete, Kruger will begin penning the screenplay."


Comics Continuum has promotional images from Spike TV, showing former rapper Kirk Jones in character as the Daywalker, and Superhero Hype has the official press release announcing the show.


Remember that alleged test footage from yesterday? Well both Ain't It Cool News and producer Don Murphy say "it's a fake," and the earlier link includes an update from Michael Bay.

Speaking of the franchise, according to Worldscreen.com, "G4, the video game lifestyle network available in 53 million cable and satellite homes, has entered into a deal with Hasbro to create programming that showcases a range of the toy giant's brands. The alliance will kick off with a joint project featuring a one-hour live-action and animation block called Action Blast! Produced by Hasbro in association with Tango Pix, the block features series based on Hasbro's classic and newer action brands, including 'Transformers,' 'G.I. Joe,' 'Beastwars' (sic) and 'B-Daman.'"


An abandoned Watchtower? According to a poster at the Toon Zone message boards, "Production on 'JLU' season 3 (or 'JL' season 5 -- take your pick) ends at the end of this month. There is apparently little or no crew left. And no talks with CN to renew. CN hasn't renewed ANYTHING from WBA in the last six months, so I think you're looking at the end." (CN = Cartoon Network, WBA = Warner Brothers Animation, both of which are subsidiaries of AOL Time Warner)

In other news, Comics Continuum reports that "Matt Czuchry is providing the voice of Brainiac 5 in 'Far From Home,' an upcoming episode of Cartoon Network's 'Justice League Unlimited' that will feature Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes."


According to a new rumor at Moviehole, John Constantine's on-screen companion could come to Gotham to vex the Dark Knight Detective, possibly as the Daughter of the Demon, and a 21 Jump Street alumni (not Peter DeLouise!) could become the Clown Prince of Crime.


Could we see more pumpkin bombs headed our way? On this website, makeup artist Matthew Mungle talks about how he "designed and created the make-up concept and appliances for James Franco in "Spiderman 3" to be applied by Luisa Abel." What possible kinds of make up appliances could James Franco need?

Plus, could we have more confirmation on the oft-rumored plan for more movies? A tidbit over at Newratings.com said that "the analysts mention that [Hasbro] has signed a five-year license agreement with Marvel for $205 million, $100 of which would be paid upon the closure of the deal and the rest when the two 'Spiderman' [sic] movies are released. The agreement will commence in late-2006 and provide the company with the global rights to Marvel's portfolio of 5000 characters, the analysts say." If the deal starts in 2006, and they get paid from two more Spidey flicks ... ah, deductive reasoning, where would we be without you?


Our pals at Kryptonsite have screen captures for the upcoming 100th episode, "Reckoning," which airs January 26th.


An official production website has been launched for the CGI animated feature, slated for a 2007 release. A licensing poster has also been released.


The Moviehole Mailbag claims that they have a line on casting thoughts. "I'm still hearing that Evangeline Lilly is a firm chance," said the site's webmaster Clint.


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