Superman Returns, Tonight He Comes, Thor, Transformers: May 1st Comic Reel Wrap


There's tons of new info trickling in about the Brandon Routh-fueled DC adaptation. First up, a story in the Daily Bulletin centers on the love story between Lois and Clark. "It's about Superman finding his place in the universe," said Routh. 'He didn't say goodbye as he should have, and now Lois has moved on. She is engaged. She has a kid. So where does Superman go from there?"

There's a new Australian promo for the film available in .AVI format or you can check out screen captures, all over at Brandon Routh's official website. Superhero Hype has noted that US audiences can see a new trailer attached to screenings of "Mission: Impossible 3" while IGN's FilmForce has a feature about Lois Lane's character and how she's dealt with the absence of the Superman in her life. "He sort of picked up and left for five years without saying goodbye," Bosworth said. "which I think would leave some pretty harsh feelings."

Finally, Superhero Hype talked to director Wolfgang Peterson, who still holds out hope that he can one day helm a "Batman vs. Superman" film. Uh huh.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, actor Will Smith will reteam with director Gabriele Muccino for the superhero drama. Muccino and Smith recently wrapped production on "The Pursuit of Happyness" (sic).


Sneak Peek is reporting that the Norse god of thunder will take to the silver screen as part of Marvel's slate of films with Paramount Pictures, funded from a $525 million account with Merrill Lynch. Mark Protosevich ("Poseidon") will draft a new screenplay, and the budget on the film will be between $50 million and $165 million.


Veteran actor Jon Voight has been quoted by Sci Fi Wire as being ready for more than meets the eye. "I'm playing this ... well, we haven't signed the papers yet," Voight said, "but it looks like I'm going to play the Secretary of State." Actor Shia LeBeouf, who will be playing the unlikely hero "Sam" in the film, noted in interviews for "Constantine" that he considered Voight something of a mentor in the field of acting, and this will mark Voight's second collaboration with director Michael Bay and his fifth with producer Jerry Bruckheimer.


The news is flying fast and furious from Marvel's merry mutants this morning. Director Brett Ratner was interviewed by IGN's FilmForce, and Ratner talked about the best advice he got. "When I got the movie, I spoke to Brian [Singer], and he said, 'Let me give you one good bit of advice.' I said 'okay,' and he said, 'Don't read Ain't it Cool News. I'm like, 'Why?' He's like, 'They're just gonna talk s*** about you, and they did the exact same thing about me. They did the exact same thing when I did the first 'X-Men.' So I kind of stayed away from it and just focused on making the film."

Meanwhile, actor Hugh Jackman appeared on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and Comics Continuum has a lot of screen captures of the footage he showed, or you could just view the clip at YouTube.com.

Finally, actor Kelsey Grammer talked to Sci Fi Wire about the challenge of getting all blue and furry. "[Former director Matthew Vaughn] was the one that said, 'Kelsey Grammer is the only guy that could play this,' which was kind of interesting," Grammer said. "There was some resistance, certainly, at Fox, because, you know, I did that other show for 20 years. It's not the most creative industry for an industry full of creative people. So there was certainly some consternation. I think once I actually sat down and talked to people, I think they realized that the man on television that they're used to seeing is not the somewhat burly, strangely intelligent man that I am. So ... I think that really allayed their fears and let them know, 'Oh, OK, he is an actor. Put some blue fur on [him], and he's going to kick ass.'"


We have some more reports from filming in Cleveland, courtesy of Superhero Hype. First, a scooper describes some of the action that was captured, while others submitted photos, plus some other angles on that over at Dark Horizons.


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