"Superman Returns" to Trendy Boutique With New Merchandise

It's Monday evening and I'm standing outside in warm, but pleasant weather in glitzy Beverly Hills, California. The upscale Kitson boutique is unveiling their exclusive "Superman Returns" apparel, accessories, and dolls. Designers, most of whom I don't recognize (but must be cream of the crop), have all pitched in for this exclusive event.

As exciting as that is, I'm not waiting for them. I'm waiting for Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth; Superman and Lois Lane. I get to interview them.

Sadly, we were short on time and I was only able to ask a question or two, but the "Superman Returns" co-stars were very friendly and honest. Bosworth approached the character of Lois Lane "like any other character," and she "purposely didn't watch most of the films and TV shows" because she didn't want to compare her performance to others who have played the role.

When it comes to comics, Bosworth "was actually more into horses, but she has a whole different appreciation for them" after doing the film, "they're really incredible forms of art." Sadly, she said she's not reading any comics at the moment, so I couldn't ask her opinion of "Civil War" or "Infinite Crisis," but here at CBR, we appreciate her honest and candid answers.

Also, she held onto my hand for the whole interview. It was a beautiful minute and nineteen seconds.

Brandon Routh was very cool and generous with his time. A lot of his preparation came out of "how society views Superman, " because, "it's important that everyone be able to relate to the character." He had a very strong vision of what was important, to him, about the character, "His physical prowess, but also his intelligence and awareness."

The rest of the event took place inside, and thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can see what I saw. All of the clothes and accessories I refer to here and much more are available for viewing at Kitson's website.

For men, there's a small, but nice selection of shirts and sandals. My favorites are the men's Black Superman graphic tee from Priorities and the very cool (and much more affordable) men's Superman blue logo tee. Ladies, you've got a lot to choose from, but I like the Supergirl camo tee and the Red Superman comic tee (featuring an archetypal "Clark Kent ripping open his shirt" comic panel). And if I had a kid, I'd pick him (or her) up a Kids Superman Star Onesie, and a set of the Ken and Barbie Collectors Superman and Lois Lane Doll sets.

There are far too many accessories to name here, and some are very...well...pricey and strange, although nothing tops the $900 Superman Studded Shield purse. I'll sum it up this way: there's going to be a lot of S-Shield bling-bling this spring in LA.

Kitson will auction off the new "Superman Returns" Superman and Lois Lane Dolls, donated by Mattel and autographed by Kate Bosworth and Brandon Routh, on E-Bay.

...did I mention that Kate Bosworth held my hand?

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