Superman Returns, Spider-Man 3, Hulk 2, Batman Begins 2: April 27th Comic Reel Wrap


You can find a couple of new shots -- Lois in the office and Superman set to fly off with Kitty Kowalski -- at this website.


Speaking of photos, snapshots and news keep trickling in from Cleveland, with fresh sets of images at Superhero Hype (two sets there) and at Ain't It Cool News.


Marvel's Avi Arad talked to CNN and confirmed that in the gamma-powered sequel Doctor Banner will face off against The Abomination. He also noted that the director they want for "Captain America" won't be available until 2009.


Batman-On-Film has an alleged scoop on the role of the Joker in the Christopher Nolan-helmed sequel. "Your site has mentioned Law as a candidate for Harvey Dent," their source noted. "This is incorrect. Law is being [considered for The Joker]. He is a WB suggestion (one of a select few). WB do not have a 'wish list,' but WB has narrowed down a couple of names for Nolan etc. to consider later this year ... As far as I know, Paul Bettany is not on this list. His name holds some appeal with a section of the Batman fan base, but the idea is not exactly setting WB's world on fire ... Lachy Hulme is on this list. He is not the 'frontrunner' as many have suggested; he is the 'dark horse.' WB is concerned about his lack of profile in the US, but they are keeping a very close eye on him ... I can confirm that The Joker role is a small and mysterious one in the sequel. It will be nothing like the Jack Nicholson-style showcase that the previous Joker provided. Reps for Sam Rockwell were pursuing the role in the hope that this Joker would be on par with the 1989 Joker, but soon discovered otherwise. Hugh Jackman also expressed interest in The Joker. Upon learning the size of the role he explored the Harvey Dent option instead. Due to Jackman's association with Marvel, however, you can probably count him out of either role in the 'BATMAN BEGINS' sequel. Probably. Hugo Weaving is also on the WB Casting list; Johnny Depp is not. Guy Pearce has never been discussed for any role in the sequel; neither has Robin Williams. The other issue perplexing WB is Katie Holmes. I can't confirm whether she will be in the sequel or not. This is not due to whether she was weak in 'BATMAN BEGINS;' the consensus at WB is that Holmes delivered a fine performance. The issue is, what to do with her character? That is a problem for Jonah and Chris to resolve. And that's the point: Chris Nolan now has the power to do whatever he damn well pleases. The 'WB Casting List' has been compiled simply as some 'helpful suggestions' for him."


More photos at The XVerse of Colossus, Magneto and Pyro. Meanwhile, an article in the Hollywood Reporter has producer Lauren Shuler Donner talking about where the franchise is going. "I hope there's a fourth and an eighth and a tenth," she said. "I mean, look, there's 40 years of 'X-Men' comics, so why not? There's a huge world (of back issues and the comic book is still ongoing). There's so smart (at Marvel). Not only do they have comic book artists and writers, but they've now drafted filmmakers. Joss Whedon (who wrote and directed episodes of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and is now writing and will direct the feature film 'Wonder Woman' for Warner Bros. and Silver Pictures) wrote an entire series of 'X-Men' comics as did Bryan Singer. They're very smart (because) they've also involved a lot of filmmakers in their ongoing comic books."


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