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Superman Returns, Sin City 2, Black Widow, Super Ex: October 11th Comic Reel Wrap

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Superman Returns, Sin City 2, Black Widow, Super Ex: October 11th Comic Reel Wrap


There’s an interesting article in the Hollywood Reporter about previsualization and storyboarding, where they briefly discuss working on the Bryan Singer-led production with effects house Pixel Liberation Front.

The trade also spoke with production president Jeff Robinov about both Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne. ” When I met with Bryan Singer and he said, ‘This is what the movie is,’ I had the same feeling I had with Chris Nolan. I went down to Alan within days of McG leaving the movie. It would have been easy for him to say, ‘Let’s not start again, let’s wait a beat, and come back to this.’ He jumped right in and heard Bryan’s take and embraced it.”


Composer John Debney is staying busy, according to IESB. “He says Robert Rodriguez has mentioned that he expects him to also come back and work on the sequel … he mentioned that he has been talking to Fox about working on ‘X-Men 3’ but it’s too early to say if he is officially on board.”


Comics Continuum has quotes from David Hatyter about the espionage-tinted adaptation in development at Lions Gate Films. “I just submitted the final draft of the script, and it has been received very positively,” Hayter said. “We are supposed to sit down and discuss casting this week.”


Actor Luke Wilson talked about the new comedy with IESB, saying, “It’s with Uma Thurman and Ivan Reitman, it’s another high concept comedy. I play a guy who starts going out with Uman Thurman’s character and she turns out to be kinda like the Superman of New York, she’s a superhero and she’s a little tough to deal with in relationships so I break up with her and she starts using her superpowers against me.”


There’s a ton of new spoilers up at Batman-On-Film which could give astute comics readers a real insight into characters involved in the next film.


Can’t get enough of that morning after goodness? IGN’s FilmForce has posted an exclusive video in Windows Media and glorious QuickTime for your perusal.


If you have the scoop on anything related to comic book movies, TV adaptations or just want to give us a briefcase full of cash, no questions asked, drop us a line and let’s coordinate. You can choose an alias if you’d like, or be mentioned by name — we honor requests for anonymity. Broadcasting live from Los Angeles, this is your humble scribe Hannibal Tabu saying thanks for your time and indulgence, I was probably supposed to change this outro once I went into year three (but I forgot) and “don’t blame me, I’m drunk too!”

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