Superman Returns, RIPD, Smallville, Superhero: April 4th Comic Reel Wrap


In an article at Studio Daily, effects wizard Mark Stetson talks about what it takes to believe a man can fly. "This is a movie where thereÕs an awful lot of Superman flying around," Stetson said. "He flies by every means available, from huge hydraulic gimbal rigs to digital doubles and even having Superman standing on a box of green screen. ItÕs good to keep a lot of tricks available so you can find the best solution to the problem. If he were always a digital character, it would be wrong."

Meanwhile, actress Parker Posey is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about bringing affection to Lex Luthor's life. "I'm in the Valerie Perrine part from the original movie," Posey said. "She is ... the girlfriend of Lex, and of course, he wants to take over the world. He wants to destroy the world, and she doesn't want to. She [has] much more conscience about the world around her. She is into pretty things and money, but Kitty has a heart. And, yes, she has a change of heart. ... She is torn between materialism and love, but Kitty kind of wakes up. It's cool."


There's a piece over at CHUD discussing plans to adapt the Dark Horse property. The article's author notes, "While I had Phil [Hay, "Aeon Flux"] on the phone, I wanted to find out about his upcoming projects, and he spilled some cool beans to me -- he and his writing partner Matt Manfredi are writing an adaptation of the comic book 'RIPD' for 'Wedding Crashers' helmer David Dobkin to direct."


Kryptonsite has two new photos from the April 13th episode "Fragile" ... that even they admit look very much like the ones they already posted. Meanwhile, their arch-enemies at Devoted to Smallville have four scans (registration required, 1, 2, 3, 4) from TV Guide going into many aspects of the show.


Sci Fi Wire also looks at the new parody from David Zucker which will not only poke fun at the conventions of the comic-book hero, but also continue the very rigid rules of spoof he has set up for his series of funny films. "We've got two sets of rules we're following," Zucker said. "It's not easy There's a vast body of work with superhero movies, and Mazin and I compiled a list of a dozen or so characteristics of all these movies."


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