Superman Returns, Heroes, Smallville, X-Men 3: May 17th Comic Reel Wrap


IGN's FilmForce has a first look at a majestic new one-sheet for the Brandon Routh-fueled DC adaptation. Superhero Hype claims that you'll see a new trailer attached to prints of "X-Men 3: The Last Stand" on May 28th.

Meanwhile, eagle-eyed reader Karl Heitmueller pointed out that MTV has posted the second installment of their multi-part feature on the film and all things Kryptonian.


Superhero Hype has an image gallery showing each of the characters from the new NBC Monday night drama.


Kryptonsite reports that the hit series will make the transition to the fledgling gestalt CW network for its sixth season, but the Aquaman-based spinoff is all washed up.


You didn't think we could get through a whole day without news from Marvel's merry mutants, did you? With the film's release a mere nine days away, the information deluge continues, with actor Hugh Jackman telling IESB in an interview saying "I don't think there will be an 'X-Men 4,' we have a second draft [of the 'Wolverine' script] in from David Danioff, who is an amazing writer and a huge fan, and I'm very excited about it. I would say 'Wolverine' is going to be next as for when that happens, I don't know. It's looking very exciting."

In other news, Yahoo! Movies has a character featurette about Storm, while actress Mei Melancon talked to XMenFilms.net about playing Psylocke. "I'm a bad girl," said Melancon. "I'm basically the strong-arm helping do different things. It's an introduction to my character. I turn into shadows, can go through walls, and I also have Psi-blades."


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