Superman Returns, Gray Area, X-Men 3, Return of Zoom: August 15th Comic Reel Wrap


Oooh -- there's a nice photo of Brandon Routh, in costume, holding up a car over at Superman Homepage, plus AVI files of Bryan Singer pulling the same stunt and more.

Meanwhile, the latest video blog over at the Blue Tights Network introduces Guy Dyas' team of graphic designers as they work on the film.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, "Benderspink has optioned the rights to the graphic novel 'The Gray Area' by writer Glen Brunswick and comic artist John Romita Jr. First published last year by Image Comics, 'Gray Area' is a supernatural thriller that follows a corrupt cop who, after being killed, goes to an afterlife known as the Gray Area, where he has to prove he's not that bad. Benderspink is viewing the property as a potential franchise. Brunswick recently was tapped to write a script adaptation to the Wildstorm/DC comic 'Ex Machina' for New Line. Benderspink and Brunswick are attached as producers on 'Ex Machina.'"



Want to know the real reasons why "Layer Cake" director Matthew Vaughn backed out of a term at Westchester? His wife, model Claudia Schiffer, told the Guardian Unlimited: "Actually, there were several reasons he turned it down,' she says, casting aside an opportunity for a happy family moment, which I appreciate. 'We would have all travelled together and lived wherever was necessary. We would have made it work if he had loved everything else about that project, but he didn't.'"

In other news, Halon Entertainment has announced that they will be doing pre-visualization for the mutant-themed sequel.



According to Sneak Peek, Filming continues at Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens on director Peter "Garfield" Hewitt's "The Return Of Zoom." The Sony/Revolution comic book-to-film feature has now completed 20 days of principal photography of a scheduled 53 day shoot. The Carlton Street arena was slated to be converted into a Loblaw's grocery super-store last year, until director Ron Howard decided to shoot his 'Cinderella Man' boxing scenes in the authentic 1930's style venue. For The Return Of Zoom, the arena's 80 foot high ceilings have been rigged and scaffolded to accommodate the $120 million comedy feature.



According to the actress' official website, Brooke Nevin has been cast as "Buffy Sanders" in the season five episode "Thirst."


Director James Cameron was interviewed by the UK's Independent, and he figures now is the right time to return to feature film due to advances in filmmaking technology, and he plans to bring the Yukito Koshiro adaptation to silver screens and multiplexes in 2007. "It's going to be a mega-budget film shot in 3-D," Cameron said. "It's set in a post-human world in the distant future, and a number of the main characters will be computer-generated. It's a kind of virtual film-making. We're building a whole new motion-capture technology. The main thrust is a love story between a human man and a female cyborg, and the film contains a range of characters from the fully human to the fully machine."


Does life imitate art, or is it the other way around? Actor Mark Wahlberg talked to Suicide Girls about the aforementioned Cameron telling the actor to consider playing Arthur Curry. "Yeah that's kind of happened before but now ... it's crazy," Wahlberg said. "Jim Cameron was joking around saying 'We should really do this thing' and everybody's all like we should do 'Aquaman' together." Wahlberg has been looking foe an action franchise to add to his resume. The irony comes from the fact that Wahlberg produces the cable drama "Entourage," whose protagonist Vinnie Chase is playing the film version ... of Aquaman, directed by James Cameron.


Comics Continuum reports that "Judge Reinhold, Xander Berkeley and Peter Onorati are providing guest-voices as members of the Doom Patrol on the 'Teen Titan' animated series in the upcoming season." Reinhold will play the Negative Man, Berkeley will give voice to Mento and Onorati will be Robot Man. Existing Titans voice actress Tara Strong, who plays Raven, will also play Elastigirl. No word on the Chief.


Just in case you were wondering, the Christian Bale-led DC adaptation cracked $200 million.


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