Superman Returns, Ghost Rider, Smallville, Spider-Man 3: September 6th Comic Reel Wrap


The Man of Steel is the focus of an article in Newsweek, which features the first looks at two new photos from the film and of course spoilers on what the magazine's correspondents saw on-set.

Meanwhile, the hardworking fans at Superhero Hype have a rumor about what new marketing shticks we could be seeing in multiplexes. Their scooper wrote, typoes mostly retained, "I gotta peek at some new ads that are going to be used in theaters for Superman Returns. The first-and biggest-is a huge cardboard silver 's' prototype-think the cardboard Fantasic 4 '4' only with the superman s. At the bottom it reads RETURNS 2006, so this should be distributed before the new year. The next-the one I'm working on-is a series of massive character banners that will hang from theater rooftops and billboards. Superman is done-its the second pic released of Superman's face, with an icy crystal background, and reads BRANDON ROUTH is SUPERMAN. Ones are being made for several others, including Kevin Spacey, Kate Boswell, and some other people. What is odd is that so far, none of the ads say 'SUPERMAN RETURNS.' All the posters just feature the logo and the release date, or 'returns 2006.'"



FilmJerk notes that the Nicolas Cage vehicle has been moved up to July 14th, 2006, three weeks earlier than its original release date.


Our pals at Kryptonsite have some spoiler-iffic highlights from an article in CFQ magazine, where producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, alongside actor James Marsters, were chatted up.

In related news, an actor has been chosen to play Arthur Curry (who may be known by another name to some fans), and E! Online knows who it is. No, it's not Vince from "Entourage."

Finally, breathtaking young atress Kristin Kreuk was interviewed by College Bound Teen, where she answers three questions about the show and chats up her regular life in the rest of the article.



Moviehole read a copy of the Sunday Herald Sun where Topher Grace talked about prep work for the film. "In prep for the role, the young actor has to 'lift weights and I hate it,' he says. 'I'm in New York seeing friends and I have to go off and lift weights for two hours. I'm not exactly in great shape. Your body hurts every day, but that pain is good, I suppose.' Grace says his commitments to 'Spider-Man 3' will take up about twelve months. "

Meanwhile, Variety has an article about the special effects for the sequel. "With a $150 million movie, one-third often goes to effects. Director Sam Raimi estimates that f/x accounted for 'at least 40% of the budget' on Sony's 'Spider-Man' films. And some effects extravaganzas can take that figure higher. 'There's just so much that has to be spent on the R&D for the CG technology,' explains Raimi. 'It's like ('Spider-Man' visual effects supervisor) John Dykstra says: 'Never mind raising the bar; you can't even see where the bar is going to be in 2007 in order to wow people in the theaters.' In the first pic, Raimi notes there were 470 effects shots. In the second there were 850. And the estimate for 'Spider-Man 3'? More than 1,000. 'King Kong' will have more than 1,200."



Comics Continuum has an update on the new cartoon, which takes place seven years after the previous HBO series. McFarlane Productions' Terry Fitzgerald said the show will not be for children younger than 13. "There will not be a lot of nudity or gratuitous sex," Fitzgerald said. "But will it be violent? Yes. Will you see a lot of blood? Yes. Will there be bad language? Yes. This is Spawn with an attitude. He's been sleeping for seven years, and something's woke him up -- and he's pissed."


The Continuum also has updates on the hit animated series, with new episode of "Teen Titans" due in November (with the Doom Patrol) and screen captures of the new Batgirl in action.


Finally, there's an update on the mutant themed sequel at Comics Continuum from producer Ralph Winter. "We are in our sixth week now of photography, getting great footage with a script and story we feel is better than ever for the 'X-Men' franchise," Winter said. "All of our actors are back, having fun, and we are working hard. It is going to be great." (Well, except for Alan Cummings, but whatever ...)

Winter also tried to clear up the conflicting reports about who Shohreh Aghdashloo is playing. "As far as I know, she is playing Kavita Rao," he said.


Speaking of the House of Ideas, an article in the Hollywood Reporter talks about a name change for the company (now "Marvel Entertainment") with planned feature films featuring Captain America, the Avengers, Nick Fury, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Cloak & Dagger, Dr. Strange, Hawkeye, Power Pack and Shang-Chi. The first film is planned for at the latest 2008, with budgets ranging from $50 million-$165 million.


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