Superman Returns’ Brandon Routh Reflects on Margot Kidder’s Legacy

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In light of Superman actress Margot Kidder's tragic death on Sunday, Superman Returns star Brandon Routh shared some heartfelt words to express his grief and reflect on the late Lois Lane's legacy.

"I had the honor of meeting #MargotKidder & speaking with her about her Superman experience," Routh tweeted. "She is my #LoisLane, just as #ChristopherReeve is my Superman. I’m grateful for the inspiring energy she brought to Lois & for her advocacy for #MentalHealthIsssues. #ThankYouMargot"

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Kidder’s Lois was hard-nosed, independent and witty Daily Planet reporter who possessed an undeniable onscreen chemistry with Christopher Reeve; she edged out such actresses as Anne Archer, Lesley Ann Warren and Stockard Channing for the role. Kidder returned as Lois Lane in 1980’s Superman II, 1983’s Superman III and 1987’s Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.

Diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Kidder experienced a widely publicized manic episode in April 1996, during which she disappeared for four days in Los Angeles, only to be discovered in the backyard of a Glendale homeowner. Around that same time, her career had begun to decline, and she experienced a period of homelessness.

Kidder, who over the years dated the likes of Brian De Palma, Pierre Trudeau, Steven Spielberg and Richard Pryor, was married and divorced three times: to author Thomas McGuane, to actor John Heard (for just six days) and to director Philippe de Broca. She has one daughter, Maggie McGuane, and two grandchildren.

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